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【MHW:IB】Let's talk about LS! (Iai Slash + tips) Part 2 | Chia sẻ có ích về let’s talk 1

21 thoughts on “【MHW:IB】Let's talk about LS! (Iai Slash + tips) Part 2 | Chia sẻ có ích về let’s talk 1”

  1. Wow! 👏🏻😲💕
    I’ve recently picked up longsword after maining Greatsword and Hammer for so long. Your content on Longsword is so freaking helpful! Love the way you breakdown each videos into a single component to focus on and you explain them so well! It also gives me time to practice each component until I grasped the hang of it and then move on to the next vid (next component). Great job! 🌟

  2. So might have been asked before but after you use foresight slash how is it you get some spirit gauge to them follow up with the roundslash to increase your gauge level because I don't have any spirit gauge left to perform the roundslash so just curious how your doing that thx great videos by the way very helpful stuff

  3. Wish the brave counter from GU was in this game. I love being able to gp/counter with the ls

    Didnt realize iai slash had super duper armor

  4. Hey thank you so much for these videos, they taught me a lot even though I’ve watched tons of other guides:) also, what is that jazz type of music that started around 2/3 the way through the video? I like it.

  5. I think we'll have to see with punishing draw now with Frostfang knocking on the door. The Barioth armor was nice in the beginning, but having to use two pieces on an armor set without any offensive skills is a bit hard. I myself am using a maximum might-frostcraft set with Velkhana setbonus on the longswords (yeah, using elemental longwords. Like them), but the Velkhana armor is already unflexible with the amount of slots. I am exited to try punishing draw-frostcraft when the frostfang is here. Just hoping that some pieces have criteye to use critical element. Also hoping the Velkhana Gamma is going to have either more slots or at least goes for easier usage of critical element.

    Definitely a very informative video on the special sheath attacks. I still struggle a bit with the iai slash, but am able to use the iai spirit slash nearly perfectly now.

  6. Man, this series of videos is amazing! Thank you very much for this kind of content!
    I don't understand the intricacies of editing videos but I understood all you said and everything was very well shown.

    Cheers from Brazil, my friend! 😀

  7. Hey Peppo, in regards to 10:00 (Punishing Draw) what are your thoughts about the new Barioth armour we're getting that gives punishing draw for a single piece? Do you have any hopes it might make it into meta sets? I'm going to be playing with it for sure

  8. Even if punishing draw were a lvl4 deco that only came with that skill and nothing else, I would probably still use it, that way you'd have to sacrifice some utility by using up a 4 slot for a single skill so it could be considered balanced maybe. I'd sign a petition or vote for that to have it implemented in a future update, so maybe if enough LS mains agree it could eventually happen?

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