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2020 LG gram 17 FULL REVIEW – The World's Lightest 17-inch Laptop! | The Tech Chap | Thủ thuật hay nhất về lg gram 17 inch

44 thoughts on “2020 LG gram 17 FULL REVIEW – The World's Lightest 17-inch Laptop! | The Tech Chap | Thủ thuật hay nhất về lg gram 17 inch”

  1. How is this for web development? I like 17 inch screens because of the immersive factor. Got a 15” laptop from hp with thicker bezels. I have been regretting my decision, at the time I bought the laptop, there weren’t many 17 inchers in the store I bought it from.

  2. I see the reason for MIL-STD durability. The flexibility and feeling of plasticiness. The first one provides the springiness and second one the absorption of energy. Together they soak up external forces and reduce stresses on components. Simply smart!

  3. I'm sold on it. Plan to buy this black Friday if I can get for around $1000. If it had a touchscreen & was 2-in-1, I would pay up to $2000 for it. That would be my ideal dream laptop.

  4. I probably would buy this one. I love the super lightweight with decent power. I just wished it has a 4K resolution, touch screen.

  5. This week, I got my LG Gram 17 with the 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. First impressions:

    1. It's light for a 17" laptop, but not crazy light. It's still a laptop.

    2. The build quality is good. Reviewers show how flexible it is, but I don't think you'd notice it unless you look for it. The only thing I'd say is that the hinge is not quite as stiff as I would like. If you tried using it on a train or plane, it might bother you. On a desk it is stable.

    3. The screen is glossy. (How I wish it was matt!) I got a screen protector to reduce the reflectivity, but I couldn't get it on without air bubbles (which I hate even more), so for now I'm living with the gloss. But it's fantastic having a 17" screen for productivity (and day trading). And it's clear and bright. It's overall a good panel.

    4. Keyboard: It's okay, apart from a couple of differences from a standard UK keyboard layout. In particular: the way the "|" key is situated adjoining the Left Shift key; and the horizontal Return key (which means I sometimes hit the "#" key by mistake). But the typing experience is good so far.

    5. Okay, so it's not a powerhouse. I bought it knowing that it would be fine for productivity, but not expecting to do anything particularly demanding.

    6. It was a bit laggy on first use. I did a clean install of Windows… and now it's running perfectly.

    7. The sound is okay. It's fine, if not anything special.

    So far, I'm happy with my purchase, but these things I would change if I could redesign it for next year:

    – matt screen (!)

    – stiffer hinge

    – slightly better, upward firing speakers

    – keyboard layout

    – an Ethernet port would be nice, rather than the Dongle provided…

    – And a more powerful CPU would be nice. Ideally, a Ryzen CPU with their better integrated graphics would be fab.

  6. I bought a LG gram 17", they tell me to charge the battery before use but they do not tell me how long I reach the ideal charge 80/90 % someone can give me the answer

  7. Perfect for me except……350 nit that is very reflective…..deal breaker. I like to do some work outside and this would not be good. So I'd go with the XPS 15 Except….everyone says it overheats….deal breaker. So I keep looking.

  8. I see a lot of reviews of laptops, never really understood the review part where reviewers intentionally press on certain spots on the laptop to flex it. Like are you serious? Of course it is going to flex if you PRESS on it. Is there a standard of quality that says laptops are supposed to be bricks of metal that don't flex?

  9. The most important work items for youtube video creators reviewing laptops are creating videos, gaming, photo editing.
    No reviews for real world work items using MS office and outlook.

  10. Hmmm… Seems like my dad won't budge on using a 15" laptop, he just likes the 17" Toshiba satellite from 2009. I'm saving up for Father's day, but LG should make some cheaper options. The 17" form factor should make a huge comeback on every brand

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