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3 TIPS FOR BETTER STORYBOARDS | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất về thiết kế

29 thoughts on “3 TIPS FOR BETTER STORYBOARDS | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất về thiết kế”

  1. Been watching your content for a week now. I stopped drawing a long time ago.

    Thanks to this videos, I started drawing again. It feels like my passion for the arts its regaining its flame. Back to get my dreams to work. I had a dream since I was really young. 11 or 12 years old. I loved art since as long as my mind has memory of anything. animation, Music, Acting. A big depression got me for 20 years. Just got out of that nightmare like a year ago. Was looking for my artistic spark to light up again. And found this guy. Thanks dude.

  2. thank u ethan for this, u are a artist in so many levels

    my notes :
    00:00 – intro
    00:46 – intro 2?
    01:59 – moving on! 3 simple steps to make a good storyboard
    | 1 – shooting reference (04:26): lets see the magic happening
    | 2 – doing the poses (04:56)
    | 3 – characterized fight VS generic figth (02:33) ((ps: u can do characterized fights when a) putting the camera in the rigth place b) understanding that character's actions will be different and it tell us a story and c) finding the rises and falls that fits better))
    06:27 – backgrounds and perspective are SO important too
    07:24 – remember to match the perspective with the shots
    08:16 – but, please, don't forget: you're telling a story and that's the most important
    08:50 – STEP FIVE! Annalize your thing, you have to pick and choose
    10:19 – audio
    11:01 – gold here
    12:52 – the masterpiece

    so the point is : tell a story (with characters and their ups and downs)! and you need to understand the space and use references

  3. HOLY CRAP!!!!! you worked on VOLTRON???"?!?!! oh my GOOOSH! I knew this looked so familiar!!!! I was watching the fight and even thought about how it reminded me so much of the fights I would see in voltron!! and then you said "we use 3d all the time on voltron". OH MY GOSH I'M FLIPPING OOOOOOUT! I am SOOO subbing! YOU'RE the genius behind all of those fights?!!?! I hope to be as good as you one day once I grow up!!!
    oh! I have to show you something!
    here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv_K-bqEErA
    it's so beautiful, and I always wanted to show it to the creators of voltron somehow but it just stayed a fantasy lol but now I can technically DO that!!! YEEEES!!! XD the creator of that animatic is sooo talented 😍 I am gonna make something as cool, or maybe even COOLER than these one day!
    sorry, I am SO giddy right now, I am gonna bug my family about this for hooours! XD I am sooo happy to have accidentally come across this channel! much love! and blessed be!

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