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7 SCRUM MASTER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS! | Thủ thuật hay nhất về 7 eleven tuyển dụng

33 thoughts on “7 SCRUM MASTER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS! | Thủ thuật hay nhất về 7 eleven tuyển dụng”

  1. Thanks for the amazing questions and answers to the Scrum Master Interview questions. Q6. How would you deal with discord or conflict in the team? The answer is amazing but the daily scrum meeting is not for discussing the root cause of conflicts because it is timeboxed (15v minutes maximum). The discussion should behold after the daily scrum meeting (separate meeting). Thanks again

  2. Really nice! Althought the Daily Scrum meeting answer gave the impression Scrum master "must" participate, when it is a Development team meeting according to the Guide. Otherwise it becames a status meeting instead a meeting to development team organize themselves.

  3. I just went to you website and noticed that i have to pay to download these questions and answers. I am kind of disappointed though your approach and answers are crisp

  4. What would you suggest for someone who is just getting into scrum master and doesn’t have any corporate background? Where should I start building and networking?

  5. I see that a lot of these answers are based off of past experience. What if I’m new to this and I have NO experience? What do you suggest? Thanks for the video though definitely thumbs up

  6. Hi,
    As a Scrum Master I'd answer very differently to the daily scrum questions. The given answer sounds like the scrum master would do a lot in a daily scrum meeting, and he/she should be in the center. So this answer could be misleading as the devs aren't supposed to give a status report at the daily scrum. This is an event where they can synchronize their work and plan the rest of the day.
    Also, the daily scrum should be a short meeting with the and I wouldn't overload it with different topics as this habit could grow on the dev team and results in a loss of focus. So I wouldn't start to talk about internal issues there.

  7. Aren't there any coaches other than Richard who can provide Q&A for PM or SM interviews? 🙂 Jokes apart, Thanks Richard McMunn. You're really brilliant!

  8. I'm sorry but if someone came for the role of Scrum Master and gave me these answers, I wouldn't hire him/her. A lot of them are Project Management answers or answers you give to a manager who doesn't know Scrum. In a Scrum mature organisation you wouldn't stand a chance. If you want to remake this video with good answers, you can contact me. I'm happy to help you.

  9. Sorry, but think you've misplaced the term "scrum master" in this video, when it should've been "project manager" – a lot of your answers, whilst they are very good, are delivered in a commanding sense, i.e. giving instructions on how people should conduct themselves. The nuance in the role of a scrum master, is how to take on a more servant-like attitude, where you ask others what they would like to achieve, and help reveal to them through their own discoveries what the best way forward is. The example answer you gave on how to resolve a problem is dripping in "project manager" speak. No scrum master would travel and essentially blackmail a company CEO into action. It seems you've come from a background where you lead teams of people through projects, hence your unconscious bias in the answers given. Don't get me wrong, I think the video is great and full of great information, but it misses the mark in terms of the role it's aimed at.

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