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7 ways to Improve your Communication Skills in English | Thông tin đơn giản nhất về complete ielts

47 thoughts on “7 ways to Improve your Communication Skills in English | Thông tin đơn giản nhất về complete ielts”

  1. I have been watching your videos for a long. Every time you come up with new ideas and techniques which is crucial for students to enhance their English ability. Sir, you are a cut above the rest.

  2. Hlo sir , my prlm is understand english but I can continuelly taking to me ,and grammar how to included the words ,how to speaking in the way of speech,could u plz give me some tips simple

  3. Thank you so much Mr.Keith. Your videos are incredibly helpful ❤️ To be honest, these videos assist for my speaking skill a lot, especially in my self-study IELTS period. You are the best teacher all the time ❤️

  4. As usual you're out of this world. 😄 I admit that I follow your hints and see progress at last! You always cheer me up. Blues flies out of the window. 💪 Maybe it's about your sense of humour?❤️ Regards

  5. Basically… the closer you sound to a native English speaker. The higher your score. Which does make a lot of sense because your taking Ielts to go to a English speaking country.

  6. Hello Teacher 👋
    Tip no 5 body language : asking for your pen, tip 1, 2 or 3 is my favorite shot 4th is not for me. If you try 4th shot I will not give you my pen, if you try 1,2 or 3 shot that's my favorite so I can give you my pen, I don't like politeness, when I see politeness in the communication I feel doubt and feel something wrong, I love communication with natural acting not doubtful acting. In shot 1,2 or 3 I like your acting and I'm laughing lots. That's my teacher whoes doing different different face expression and sound expression. teacher acting I like most when Teacher show me finger I'm not afraid I'm laughing because teacher expression make me happy… So thank you teacher.
    Communication is not words my grandpa said. It's a expressions like Mr. Bean , just for laugh show, Tom and Jerry show, Charlie Chaplin movi and my teacher class. Hip hip Hurray
    Dance dance 💃 💃, I'm little cute Jerry 🐀, I like cookies 🍪, teacher like 🍵,
    Thank you bye 👋 👋
    Have a good evening
    It's raining day here. Happy raining Day.

  7. The tip I like most is copying others, because I always watch your videos and pick up and notice every single word and phrase that can helps me to improve my level o English. Thanks an awful lot Keith, you are awesome!

  8. Thank you Keith for your amazing and powerful videos. I have a question in relation to IELTS speaking exam, is the examiner scoring our test or another one? if another one does, so why communicating is important? as it is not recorded by video it is audio recorded. Thanks a lot.

  9. I appreciate everything that has been told there thanks a lot.Good luck.Sincerely waiting for your following videos.From Uzbekistan🇺🇿

  10. Thanks so much ,i really appreciate your lesson Sir! I could learn many wonderful things from you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I followed and Subscribed your channel❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thank you, your tips & trick are very very useful.
    I have listened yours Queen in television and she reflect all your teaching.
    Are you hers personal teacher? 😜

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