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Architecture Books | My Library of Essentials | Thông tin đơn giản nhất về thiết kế

48 thoughts on “Architecture Books | My Library of Essentials | Thông tin đơn giản nhất về thiết kế”

  1. it's like the first lecture in college when the professor gives the texts and books to study.
    i just started studying architecture from YouTube and stuff and it's becoming a passion for me.
    this helped me a lot.
    thank you.

  2. Sad to say: practicing architect and top 5 arch school graduate and the only ones of your list I have are Architectural Graphic Standards and all of Chings Books. But now I know what to ask Santa for!!!

  3. Thank you for your lovely videos. I'm a Civil Engineer and am Constructing a Residential Apartment. Your Videos provide a lot of insights. 🙏😊

  4. Poetry of Place (the work of Bobby McAlpine), Brunelleschi's Dome (this is a short little accessible book about architecture practice in the renaissance) and The American Vignola (resource for classical proportions and details). These are a few of my favorites. Thanks for the videos!

  5. The most substantial and most inspiring YT channel made by an architect for those who are already architects and for those dreaming to be an architect! 😉
    I hope I will also be an architect like you in the future!
    From the Philippines 🇵🇭

  6. Really enjoy your videos, I'm really interested in the analysis, processes and critique of architectural design – are there any books you can recommend?

  7. Hi . I like your books and the way that you explain those. but I am realy want to read one book that is not on this video. The name of book is "Architect and Entrepreneur".

  8. Thank you for introducing me to Peter Zumthor's Thinking architecture! May I also recommend another classic Experience Architecture by Rasmussen to anyone who is interested in the human, emotional impact of architecture 🙂

  9. Love this channel. If i were 18 again and had to pick a degree to pursue, i would definitely consider architecture, along with industrial design or transportation design.

  10. Ooh, I forgot to ask. I am an "old school" AutoCAD operator since 1988 version 10 and have in the past years used Chief specifically for the creation of perspective, Bird's eye and 3D drawings. But I have fallen out of using it since I am working as a freelancer. I sense I am losing clients who have asked for the service.
    If I find I can produce the drawings quickly by learning newer easy-to-learn software instead of sending out to have them produced by another, I want to do so to expand my service base to my clients.
    Do you have a few suggestions as to how I might pick up a less expensive way of creating CAD produced 3D drawings or Renderings for residential projects?
    Thank you again!!

  11. 061120 I have a few of these books you spoke of in my library and am spurred in my thoughts to purchase others.
    I am wondering about UBC and ICC and so forth as these publications are changing as new items are adapted or codes are altered to fit today's life. I don't believe I need to have in my own publications in my library. However I have copies of the Student version used from my Material of Construction class but it's so old, I probably need to look at updating.
    During my work with various architects, they often provide me with the education needed for the project. I know it's not their responsibility to "educate me". I am aware they have the necessity of keeping up on the newest codes, etc. I find my needs as a drafter not so inclined. The ADA booklet and graphics information has always helpful due to just that, the graphic representations.
    With Covid -19 as we are in now, I am wondering if changes are coming for space planning and such.
    I am interested in your thoughts. Thank you!

  12. Thank you very much for all information. This is what I looking for. Thank you and if you can bring more, I would thank you. Again. Congratulations for your channel.

  13. Hey I am a Drafter, pursuing a Carrier in Achitecture, i find your information to be extremely helpful, keep up the good work man. May have a few questions as i go along, will keep in touch.

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