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Become An Art Director In A Year | Thủ thuật hữu ích về thiết kế

40 thoughts on “Become An Art Director In A Year | Thủ thuật hữu ích về thiết kế”

  1. I went to design college and one of my assignments for digital letterform. was to find some random typography upload it into illustrator and make an entire alphabet upper and lower case in that font style. (I did Bayonetta)

  2. Loved this. I'm a Digital Marketing Manager. Do you think it would be a smooth transition to be an Art Director if I develop a strong portfolio? Or do you think there's another job position I should go for first before Art Director?

  3. Wow. I just graduated from UT this month and this video has been so helpful and insightful. It gives me a bit of tranquility knowing that I have some of these things already done but all the other stuff you mentioned are great ideas that I am going to do.

    Thank you!

  4. If you don´t work in advertising, i think you don´t need to master photoshop at all. If you work in editorial, for example, you will need to master another kind of skills. What do you think????

  5. I am in my final year of architecture but for past two years , i am not feeling that architecture is my field. I want to be a stage designer or an art director but I am unable to decide. I am recently watching your videos, its giving me inspiration to be an art director. What course do i have to major in to be an art director?

  6. I graduated in 2012 since then I've worked as a graphic designer, production designer, concept artist, done freelance illustration jobs and animation but for some reason I still feel weird applying for Art director jobs even though I probably could at this point. I've also been told by a Creative director that I have an advantage because I can actually draw as well. I just feel weird applying for art director jobs for some reason. like all that experience isn't enough because I have actually had an official "art director" or " jr art director" title job..should I just apply anyway?

  7. Hi There, Thanks so much for making this video! It is so so so helpful. Just a question, could you explain a little more about the campaign as I'm a bit confused what it actually entails. Thanks Dani.

  8. Nice and awesome video thanks for being simple and precise.

    Can I apply as an art director with years of experience working with Photoshop, Illustrator, aftereffect, premiere pro, cinema4d, substance painter, but my indesign skill is not well sharpened though.
    What’s your take and advise sir.

  9. This is misleading. It's unlikely to be hired as an Art Director without several years of agency experience as a Graphic Designer and most ad agencies won't hire designers without some formal education in that realm. You can't confidently lead a team of designers without a thorough understanding of the role which only comes from professional experience. Not saying it's impossible, but unless you're a multi-talented, social media influencer who can leverage that status, I'd go back to school.

  10. I'm almost 21 and do art commissions as work, I did a full year course of photoshop and illustrator in high school, and am interested in this field—BUT I'm having a hard time finding opportunities in my area. I am from North Dakota. Is it better to move to a location with better opportunity? Or should I focus more on networking in my location instead?

  11. Amazing episode! Thank you for sharing your experience! 💛
    I'm also fan of design podcast by Future London Academy. Check the discussion with Head of Design at Wolff Olins London on design leadership and her journey of becoming a Creative Director in the most admired agency in the world ⚡️https://youtu.be/0v_pcdKs2oQ

  12. It's so helpful what you're sharing with us! I do have a dilemma, though, when it comes to the most suitable device for the beginning. I'm between buying an ipad pro (which would make me feel like having more precision) and a macbook pro. Idk what to choose bc most of the programmes that you talked about aren't available yet for ipad or can't be used at their maximum potential. So, would it be better to buy a mac and get access to adobe creative or is it enough to work with some alternatives on ipad?
    Thank you so much for everything you're doing here, this channel is a big support for me!

  13. Thank you so much for this information. The most I like it's that you offer yourself to check the campaigns at the end. That's pretty amazing! For sure, I will show you my campaigns in one year. I will really appreciate your feedback! Let's get started! 😀

  14. I plan on majoring in business management but I really want to become an art director what should I do?? Also what should my career pathway look like??

  15. I've obtained a BA in Art Direction and I'm working on sharpening my skill by following the syllabus in your video. Don't live around any production companies and was wondering if what I'm doing would be enough to try to join one. Film has been a passion of mine to design the theater area to the directors intention.

  16. My cousin put me on your channel we are both aspiring AD's but we pretty suck at drawing😂.Is drawing an essential skill when it comes to art directing?

  17. This channel is amazing and I appreciate people like you, who share with others valuable information in order to help them achieve their goals as well! Thank you!

    I'm an aspiring AD, but I am fairly new to graphic design. I'm studying art & technology, and I have about another year and half left before receiving my BA, but before graduating I'd love to incorporate this whole AD syllabus just so I can be ready to look for jobs after graduating. My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out the best equipment to invest in, to effectively complete everything you suggest. luckily, I have access to large desktops on campus but I'm still debating on what to buy that will be most efficient all around. My first option was a Macbook pro, but after watching this video, it made me think that maybe I should just get an Ipad pro… so I would love a recommendation from a pro on what would benefit me the most.
    Thank you!

  18. I think the first months needs to start with the design basics. Colour theory, typography, layout etc. Without those, you can only be a graphic design operator. To "direct" something, only Photoshop and Illustrator skill is not enough. This video's title should be "Become A Graphic Designer In a Year"

  19. I'm so glad I found your channel. I'm starting my senior year this fall in advertisement & digital design. It would mean alot to get some input on my portfolio from you!

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