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  1. My wife is from Taiwan, and she agrees with me that US verbal assurances to pro-secessionist forces on Taiwan is endangering the autonomy of the island. Taiwan remains independent only because Beijing permits it, and I suggest that US policymakers do not force Beijing's hand. Maintain the status quo, and a conflict won't be necessary.

    You gave me a laugh by mistakening the RoC's defence website for the PRC's. It's an honest and understandable mistake, but underscores why people in Taiwan have grave doubt over the credibility and feasibility of US verbal assurances. How can you possibly convince us that Taiwan is a core interest of the US, one that Americans will die on a hill for, when they don't know anything about Taiwan other than what is fed to them by US foreign policy outlets?

  2. Australia is also ramping up it's security and ability in the Asia-Pacific region.
    Through establishing stronger relationships with our partners, in particular the US (we are building a US naval station in Northern Territory and already have a full-time US Marine Corps base in Darwin).
    We have established long-range missile sites and upgraded early warning systems.

    Further to this, Australia is acquiring an additional 120 M1A2 SEPV3 tanks, 60 AH64E Apaches, we have modernized our Army with new CRV's and APCs.
    Our Air Force has increased the number of F35's we're getting and we are also beefing up our Navy with the following;

    9 Hunter Class, Next-generation Frigates
    12 new submarines (shortfin Barracuda)
    Various new littoral ships

    All this on top of our existing;

    6 Collins Class Submarines
    10 Anzac Class Frigates
    3 Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers
    2 Canberra Class LHD's
    Various Littoral and Support Vessels.

  3. I was in a war game with the Shitty Kitty and we caught a Chinese boat tracking her, got assigned to track for a few days. Was very boring (2 knts to no where) but at the end we made noise to scare them off.

  4. People need to learn history more, many of today's problems have happened before and learning from the mistakes made back then so they are not repeated would make for a much better world.

  5. On a tangent, I think China's recent centralising control over its economy, people's behaviour etc. and focusing it on the CCP's needs are war preps.

  6. lols @sub brief America foreign policy has nothing to do with helping people either.. its about furthering its on agenda, resource control and force projection… same as every major power for hundreds of years now.. china is a bit more straight up about its agenda but its 100% doing exactly what America does…

  7. China needs to bite harder than it really does. It's all politics. When you break it down, there's still a massive technological and funding gap between the two countries. The US invests roughly $519,905/active soldier into their military whereas china only invests roughly $71,535/active soldier. And that's out of their overall military budgets so not all that money is spent directly on each soldier either. In comparison to America, at this rate, China's infantry are basically thrown a cheap gun, some surplus ammo, given some basic training and made to believe they are elite warriors using local propaganda outlets and that's pretty much where it stands. The same can be said about their immitation technology. However it's all about the nukes man! Only reason why they actually have a leg to stand on because the rest of us all know China doesn't give a frigg. Nup. Zero fuxzor given.

  8. no european country is good enough to counter china in this south china sea region, not even usa can do much with just guam, all answer to the problem of china is india, as usa spend 3 trillion in afghanistan and syria, they should help build india stronger economically, and rest india would do in militery prospective, and as soon west builds india sooner they would have to think less bout china

  9. To me, it looks like the carrier has 3 cats. That puts the layout for operations near are WWII to Nam time frame…. We have 4 cats so we can get more air craft up in the air faster… Would be interesting to see what they put on it tho for soft/hard wear….. Yep it dose look like a wonder reef they are making….

  10. It feels more and more like China wants to get into a war and is trying to provoke everyone else into making the first move. And when bullies have a huge navy, aspirations of global leadership, and an unwillingness to back down, you've got a problem.

  11. Ok the last article is great but there's alot to be said about what's the truth I think anything reported by China is 50% truth at best if they wanted to prove the world wrong they could publicly transmit there flight paths for the world to track

  12. You mentioned the law of the sea and international shipping lanes permitting merchant travel even in wartime. One of your running jokes in Cold Waters is "war crimes" when torpedoes go into merchants. I'm curious; with China being dependent on food imports from overseas and its 'caloric supply line' running well beyond the waters the PLAN and PLAAF could hope to secure, will a distant blockade be legal? If it isn't, should we care when the PRC is committing so many flagrant violations of international norms to begin with?

  13. Chinese ships as "burners" makes sense. Their GDP is inflated by makework programs. If they buy 10,000 tons of steel to make ships one year they'd just as soon buy 10,000 tons next year to keep the mills running. If they produce smaller ships one after another with incremental changes and never bother to bring old ships up for modernization, they've got a huge reserve of second-rate ships. Not a problem when you have a huge reserve of second-rate citizens to make second-rate sailors. They might even sell used warships to Belt and Road partners to squeeze parts and maintenance purchases out of them in foreign currency. And it makes even more sense if the Chinese aren't expecting their ships to stay floating until retirement.

  14. You know my analysis on us vs chinese. US will lose against it.
    1. US have very low bargain power with ASEAN countries, some do most not.
    2. They (asean) arent backed with soft power or hard power from US
    3. To clamp chinese you will need Russia
    4. But russia doesnt like you guys
    If nothing changed there a definite lose is what US get

  15. You misread the information.
    Republic of China = Taiwan
    People's Republic of China = China
    The documents you were reading were reports from Taiwan's Air Force (ROC), not the PRC telling the world what they would do.

  16. I would be very disappointed if Chinese subs DID NOT track Allied ships in the South China Sea. If they are as loud as you say these Allied ships can hear them plenty far out.

  17. 10+ years in China here.
    What you need to understand is that China's mindset is still very much medieval. To them, one person stands tall, and everyone else shall bow or even kneel down. They see interactions in the shape of submission. If you do not submit, then you are an enemy.

  18. 15:10
    1. The port was in Hambantota, Sri Lanka
    2. The Sri Lankans sold the port to the chinese to pay off their other higher rate debt (mostly from international banks). It makes no sense to pay off the cheap debt first.
    3. Sri lankan foreign debt to china only made up less than 10% of its total
    foreign debt. Japan also provides cheap "samurai bonds" loans to sri lanka.
    4. Despite speculation the chinese haven't exactly cashed in on their african debtors just yet, if that is what they plan to do at all. In my opinion the chinese have already achieved their main goal of a market to sell to and raw material supplier in Africa when the roads and infrastructure got built. Getting any actual money back from this is just a bonus.

  19. Yeah, china's navy may not be 1st rate, but given the amount of time and energy they've devoted to it since the 80's, they're closer to it than they appear. Tom Clancy wrote a tome about their subs in the early 90's. He had an uncanny ability to see what our own big brain military theorists couldn't. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE PLAN. Its to our detriment if we do.

  20. The PRC certainly is a throw-away society.

    Lots of things get made so cheap, that People don't do ANY maintenance
    or repairs, but just buy something new, once an item brakes.
    Wouldn't be surprising, if they build a Navy that plays into that "strength".

    Now, Being able to pump out relatively cheap ships at a high rate
    certainly helped the Allies during WWII – The question is,
    would that work with the complexity & costs of modern naval warfare ?

    It could, but China might also inadvertently create something, that's
    little more than an target-rich environment.

  21. This really makes me question if most navies focus being on carriers is a good idea. Between this and the Russian nuke torpedo it seems like lots of smaller ships might be a better idea.

  22. Actually, need not to take the Global Time (the origin of the Chinese comments over the UK fleet) too seriously.Most of the "experts" interviewed were not represent the PLA authorities (PLA does not lay their official comment in such place). In most cases they don't provide "new facts", but made a bunch of speculations and personal comments over a few already known facts; to be honest anyone can do, similar comments could be easily found in Chinese none official media or internet forums. These are less worthy than a Daily Express reports, at least the later do provided more (unofficial) "new facts" such as the Chinese submarines were spotted by the UK ASW forces.

  23. Pretty sure China sees the west as a paper tiger. If they keep pushing and push hard enough they will eventually get what they want. And frankly at leas in the US I dont see the population having the balls to start a war over anything in Asia. (I am not one of those people I think China needs to be contained).

  24. Man, I can't believe that westerners think that EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER that comes from non-west aligned countries are "propaganda". Jesus F Christ. Where are your critical thinking? Desire to hear both sides before you come to a conclusion? Do you really think that Western media is not propagandistic?

  25. China will prove to be a very powerful adversary, their one party system ensures that they don't have "strategic inertia", unlike USA with it's inevitable bipartisan bickering and grandstanding over petty issues, and unlike former Soviet Union, they have a very strong economy fueled by international commerce. USA practically handed them this power to get 10 cents off a dollar, and the politicians in USA are more interested in scoring points on each other over non sense issues like abortion, gun control or casual statements made in media. The population in USA is getting more and more polarized and there is a "wave" of anti intellectualism surging over a significant minority of people. We may not win this unless an effective leadership emerges with coherent and well thought out long term policies with bipartisan support geared towards making USA competitive in the 21st century.

  26. The less traffic in the straight, the less eyes directly on their eventual power play on Taiwan. Their current power structure clearly believes, at heart, that they are the gods of the area. I dont envy the Taiwanese folks, but that said our own side of the ocean is falling apart, Canada in particular.

  27. Is the Chinese Fleet Air Arm called the 'People's Liberation Army Navy Airforce' then?

    And call me a pessimist, but I think as long as the Chinese continue to occupy those man-made islands, they've "got away with it"… It's like driving a police car past someone walking down the street with a stolen TV waving their finger and saying "You won't get away with this…" but not actually doing anything about it.

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