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Common MISTAKES beginning storyboard artists make for animation | Chia sẻ hay nhất về thiết kế

48 thoughts on “Common MISTAKES beginning storyboard artists make for animation | Chia sẻ hay nhất về thiết kế”

  1. This is really good advice and all but I feel like my main takeaway from this was how funny it could be to deliberately mess up shots lmao
    Like, imagine 3:06 where they're pointing the guns and trembling… and then camera zooms out and they're back to back and shooting at two practice targets

  2. Great video, now lemme just… I will make the shot at 8:00 work. Now this is a culmination of the story so far, a turning point, the character hates their job, but for various reasons quitting it would change everything or perhaps we're trying to show the mental state they are in. Let's say this is the culmination of all the frustrations and this scene is the cherry on top. The camera is slowly spinning clockwise, getting closer. Intercut with quick shots of people doing office things (usually hands, pens, computer keys) very close, very uncomfortable. Loud and yet so quiet, because the character can't process what's going on. The background blurs at the edges, it's claustrophobic. THEY WANT OUT. Ends with the character finally snapping as we get a wide shot from above of the whole office. Yes, this is a classic trick and not original, but it gets the job done and we can make it better later on.

    I've never actually storyboarded anything, I have some thumbnails for animatics and lots of ideas with a lot of thought put into them. I don't think I have the skill (drawing), but I want to try one day…
    Anyway if you've read this far… thank u
    Also the point about excessive cuts combined with the jump cuts, like, that bothers me so much when I see it sometimes, because you can have a framing of a scene that serves more than one purpose. You can have one character admiring the sunrise in the foreground, happy and elated, bathing in the warmth, while at the same time have a different character in the background behind him, trapped by the framing itself as no sunshine reaches him. And you can make the cut longer to show the triumph, the emotion of one and the unease the other feels. You can put the camera elsewhere to switch the pov, to emphasize a different emotion, to focus on the unease and uncertainty more while not omitting parts of the story, keeping both of the characters nuanced while taking a side in a way… (if you know this scene I love u)

  3. I just don't find these helpful for soley storyboard artists or animators, but writers as well working in film. It's always important to know the technical sides of story telling as well to really sell your idea to audiences and I love learning about this kind of stuff. You animators and artists have talents beyond me and its exciting to watch.

  4. hello,
    thank you for sharing your tips, it's really helpful
    can you please review my storyboard ?
    I want to know what mistakes I have made and what can I improve.

  5. Also if you want some great examples of jump cuts, Avatar The Last Airbender has some great ones because a few of their jump cuts are used as juxtaposition for what a character says or does (usually for a comedy sense but also for some dramatic senses which works great for the story that they are telling)

  6. 1:45 One thing that helps me remember that is characters don't move until their legs move. Also never move the camera arbitrarily always have a story reason for every camera shot/ movement. A character has a zit. Extreme close up.

  7. I saw raid shadow legends and skipped only to come to the comments and see that raid shadow legends is a game.

    Now to how rewatch the promo

  8. the issue I've been finding myself having is I don't "animate" (if you could really even call it that) very often, only a couple of times a year to make things for my friend for her birthday/christmas, but I'm so worried about what I make being boring despite the fact they're usually like 1-2 minute long animatic type videos set to a song kind of like an amv :')

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