Discover Nebo 3.0 – PDF & Notes in one place | Hướng dẫn có ích về let’s talk 1 pdf

Công Nam

Xin chào các bạn, mình là Công Nam là người chiụ trách nhiệm chính cho mọi hoạt động tin tức của web này. Mọi thông tin mình cung cấp các bạn đều có thể tham khảo nhé!

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  1. I bought a PDF pack. Please let me know the email you want to inquire!
    What's disappointing is the fact that it doesn't have the ability to import a PDF, write on it, annotate it, and convert it to text in two touches.
    I bought a PDF pack for that…
    If so, it's no different from Notability and Goodnote! I'm sorry.

  2. How do you "zoom in and out" in a freeform page?

    They advertise this feature, but not a single word about HOW to do it.

    *Edit – Ok, I discovered I can zoom in and out on a pure freeform page, but now my question is whether or not I can zoom in and out on a freeform SECTION on a regular page, because that would be REALLY nice.

  3. Thanks, team! I didn't end up making it to the live session (as it was 4am in my time zone) but I appreciate getting the chance to see the whole session afterwards. Looking forward to seeing upcoming features.

  4. With your handwriting conversion functionality and develope your app toward the apps like Marginote or Liquid Text, Nebo will be the king of notetaking cum PDF reader.

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