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Drinking With My Parents For The First Time | Truth or Drink | Cut | Hướng dẫn hữu dụng nhất về thiết kế

33 thoughts on “Drinking With My Parents For The First Time | Truth or Drink | Cut | Hướng dẫn hữu dụng nhất về thiết kế”

  1. My parents were still in high school what I was conceived so I know was was 100% an accident. But my mom always said she looked at it as happy accident something you didn't plan but were glad you got. My mom was also very open and honest with me. As a teenager I asked her had she considered an abortion since she was only 17. She answered honestly and told me yes she even went to her appointment but changed her mind. I wasn't hurt but this I respected her honesty.

  2. This hurts to watch (just speaking for myself here).

    It's like the son is trying to grasp for some meaning about life but the parents just seem so…dead inside. I can see where a bit of the nervousness from the body security video stems from. You can have most things in life but when it comes to the root, you are only as strong as your foundations.

    Yeah sure a generation that does not talk about their feelings in order to survive may be justified…but, certainly, feelings drove them to conceive him or be proud of his grades or to avoid shame. The Asian American experience is so sad for some.

  3. Sometimes you have to teach your parents how to be emotional. Parents don't always learn the tools themselves. In this way, Jesse is the adult, and may need to illustrate, and promote how to engage emotionally. It might take years for them to open up.

    Don't mistake experience and age for maturity. Your parents will teach you many things, but you will also teach them.

    "I don't have feelings…"
    An incredible opportunity to ask him why he perceives himself in that way.

  4. 1:50, oh nooo. My parents bought me a kid freindly book with scientific diagrams, very easy, very informative and set me up for life cause I was three when I asked my mother where life comes from. I allways felt very uncomfortable talking to other kids who diddnt know anything about the reproductive system since, this was so bad that kids even in my secondary school aged 12-13 still diddnt know allot about human reproduction. and often made embarrasing statements or jokes presenting complete ignorance over the subject. Could not belive their parents had not educated them and that it was covered so late in the uk school curriculum.

  5. What I completely love about Jesse is how he looks like the guy who would just clam up and be mysterious, but he is COMPLETELY the opposite of that. I guess it's that he said that he's trying to learn how to be more open about his feelings, and this just shows how good of a job he's doing at that.

  6. They seem cool but you can tell he seeks more from them. It’s sad that some of us have to reach for a deeper connection with our parents.. being able to talk openly about things other then school/ grades and stuff and normalizing affection and vulnerability in the household. I don’t think people should even have children if they can’t provide them this atleast.

  7. This one is the saddest Truth or Drink I've seen. The mom's way to measure her success as a parent was her son's grades, and when he opened up about wanting a closer relationship, you could feel their inability to bridge that gap.

  8. The grandmother caused his father to be so emotionally impotent. I pray i'm never the parent that causes my Childs spouse to give thanks for my demise. The dad needs to do some counselling so he's more emotionally present for his son.

  9. your son asked you such a deep and important question and you think of his grades, typical chinese women. they don’t have a room for “feelings talk “ in their families, so sad, it’s all about study, buying a house and a car lol

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