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E2 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay! | Hướng dẫn đơn giản nhất về complete ielts

38 thoughts on “E2 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay! | Hướng dẫn đơn giản nhất về complete ielts”

  1. Thank you Jay. Got my results for Academic, I scored an overall of 8. 8.5 in reading and listening, 7 writing and speaking. I watched your videos back to back for 2 weeks. Thank you for videos and expert teaching.

  2. as a Chinese native guys,i have to say there is no other picture could express you more precisely here 驴唇不对马嘴 donkey‘s mouse doesn't match horse‘s

  3. I received my scores today, I scored an overall of 7.5 (L: 8, R:8, W:7, S:7.5)
    I watched all your videos and it truly helped me a lot. I will come back here as soon as I’’m admitted to my chosen university. Thank u, jay!

  4. Question)Water Pollution has been an increasing problem over the last few decades. What causes water pollution?
    How can we prevent this problem?

    It cannot be denied that the pollution of water has increased nowadays. This essay will discuss the reason behind water pollution followed by the measures to mitigate the problem.

    Deforestation is the primary cause of water pollution. Cutting down of trees results lossof soil. As a result the natural calamities can easily occur. For instance recently in Nepal and India during monsoon, many people lost their lives and houses with properties because of flood.
    In addition waste disposal to water has spoiled the water.
    This means throwing household and industrial wastages into water spoils the natural state of water. Along with this overpopulation also indirectly enhance water pollution.
    As a whole human irresponsible activity and deforestation cause water pollution.

    In order to solve water pollution firstly waste management should be done. In other words instead of throwing wastages into lake, River ,waste management team should collect wastages from different places and recycle things as much as possible. For example bottles ,tins, plastics can be recycled and reused again. Not only this the government should not allow public to throw used things in lakes . This simply means the people should abide by the government rules and regulations to protect the water from being polluted.

    In conclusion natural state of water are being degraded over the time . This essay presented the main cause of water pollution is the deforestation and waste disposal to water . Besides, it also suggests the solution to this problem is a waste management and active role of government to make people follow rules so that water will not get polluted.
    Sir please evaluate my writing 🙏

  5. It was a great video. I am going to sit for the IELTS after around 3 weeks and I hope I'll be able to implement those recommendations at the right place. Many thanks.

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