ENGLISH SPEECH | THE ROCK: Be Yourself (English Subtitles) | Thủ thuật hữu ích về ebook tiếng anh

Công Nam

Xin chào các bạn, mình là Công Nam là người chiụ trách nhiệm chính cho mọi hoạt động tin tức của web này. Mọi thông tin mình cung cấp các bạn đều có thể tham khảo nhé!

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  2. What a great channel. I always wanted to find this type of channel in order to improve my English. So I finally got one. Thanks for everyone who had contribution to this channel.

  3. This is not only To learn english , but also for inspiration, how to face difficulties in your life, & also i big thing i leraned from here that every successful person have been faced difficulties, life is not going to easy, but u can make it by hard work & continuety.

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