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Good Portfolio VS Bad Portfolio | Chia sẻ có ích về portfolio online

31 thoughts on “Good Portfolio VS Bad Portfolio | Chia sẻ có ích về portfolio online”

  1. I felt bad for Tori, imagined my humble website being compared to that of a professional web designer. Flux, it would be nice to get in touch with Tori and offer to help her redesign the site, would make a good video!

  2. i agree on the comments but i think you're comparing someone who is most probably just a beginner with someone who has clearly a lot of experience, thanks for the tips tho

  3. This was very helpful and I will be using this as a reference improve my portfolio. The only issue I have is putting my photo on my profile. We are still at an age were employers are very judgmental and prefer to hire "their own people" I've had this happen a few times. So I stopped putting my picture up and used an abbreviated name to get interviews. I guess it also depends on the demographic of the area you ste applying to. So I would recommend everyone has 2 portfolio websites.

  4. It’s obvious that you need to be a professional artist to be a web developer now. Graphic designers are the new web developers.

  5. I don't think that the comparison is fair: the "good" portfolio is done by a web designer while the first one is clearly not a web design and it looks that she tried to do her best with what she had.

  6. I feel that showing photos of yourself on your website can be counterproductive. This is true especially with ethnic minorities, people with image issues, or people with obvious physical disabilities, who can end up not only feeling judged, but also discriminated against based purely on their race or physical appearance.

  7. Hi Ran, Thank you for sharing your opinion on portfolios. I am just curios – what about your portfolio, can you show us and explain your work, why you did what you did and what in your portfolio attracts clients the most.

  8. Was the second portfolio designed on webflow? I love how inviting and playful it is. Currently in the process of redoing and brainstorming my own portfolio

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