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Công Nam

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  1. This is actually gorgeous. People bash on how computers make everything really easy, with music and art etc. But this is true art. He loves the way it makes the designs, he loves the phenomena. It's beautiful to hear him talk so passionately about A.I. generated art.

  2. i feel very out of touch with what a majority of others would ponder, i feel it is becoming more that A.I already exists, as our opinions are merely what we consume via thought, feeling. So, technology now has become the tool for which expression breaks into reality. But, it is the technology that is actually making that expression in conjunction with our thoughts and intention. A.I is already happening, and we are unbeknowingly forcing its evolution. Mainly due to societies mass reliance on technology, and the powers that be knowing that is their perfect method of manipulation. We fall into the trap, the nightmare of terminator coming to life. All the while riding the rollercoaster to our own demise. Hoistered by our own petard…. Cool Art though.

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