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How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam | Kiến thức có ích về streamline english pdf

26 thoughts on “How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam | Kiến thức có ích về streamline english pdf”

  1. to assume – предполагать
    occasional tardiness – периодические опоздания
    to savour – смаковать, наслаждаться
    to do errands – делать поручения
    judicious – рассудительный
    DVR – digital video recorder; to DVR – записывать (в видео формате)
    to fast-forward through (the commercials) – перемытвать вперёд что-либо (рекламу)
    to demand (-> demanding) – требовать (-> требовательный, требующий)

  2. The broken water heater story just goes to show it's beneficial to have unscheduled time to manage to things that are unexpected or out of our control. Meanwhile, in the mountains emergencies are part of our everyday life – probably why I don't watch TV, no extra drama required….

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  4. I feel exhausted. If time is stretched it also concendeces the law of equal and opposite. Once you understand how we use time we as a species is so a chromatic. When its spring we wished it was autumn esp if you are an NFL fan. Or stores in July start carrying x mas items. Or we decorate our houses or offices way before the occasion we are commemorating but do not take down or clean up after the event has passed. Why? Cause it makes us feel good because of the love and memories we associate with that event and if we go back to are ordinary we feel deflated. But in this world we got ups and downs in a low ceiling world (1 mistake makes imperfection!).

  5. What we as humans do not comprehend is that time is associated with energy as you mentioned with Friday afternoon. Also Thursdays are good days to get into touch with nature as you also mentioned. So even if we work only so many hours and sleep the other waking hours of the week is spent on errands and doing mundane chores. Also if you are a writer or into sports it takes time to warm up. Also coming home from work you have a lot of energy which I use to do laundry but an hour later I feel

  6. You work 40 hours but commute and preparation and cool off add time. Plus when younger you have energy to stay up to midnight. Now past 45 I need to go to bed by 10:30 pm since I ride my bike to work and have done so the past 15 years.

  7. whenever i asked my crush,why don't you reply me when you are active in facebook? She replies that she doesn’t have time,she does lots of works everyday.
    Well, after watching this video, i've got my reply.

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