How to make a seamless pattern in Adobe Illustrator | Chia sẻ hay nhất về thiết kế

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  1. Im having trouble with the cipping mask. When I add it to the swatches panel, there's transparency, not a clear repeat just multiple box's with transparent background, which I believe is the print on the outside of the clipping mask. Hope that makes sense. Please help anyone!!! Thanks

  2. Hi, I have tried your method with the bounding box and also the method with clipping mask and cropping, even bought a Super Magic Eraser script (which is the worst of all) and I still get pattern lines in the jpg when I scale the pattern let's say to 50%. Any ideas how to fix this?

  3. Wow thank u! I appreciate that u didn't speed up the entire tutorial and kept most of it in real-time! Did u draw all of these on paper first? Can I do the same thing with flowers?
    I've drawn a few roses and I'm planning on scanning them and uploading them in adobe is this how u did ur pattern? I'm still new to this, and I'm planning on studying textile design so this really helped me a lot! Thank u

  4. problem solve. I did everything you said, but when I put it into the swatch I ended up with a border. I went through the layers but can't find the one that has it. Its not a little white line. One of the layers must have a border. But since I can't find it I can't fix it and will have to delete it and start over.

  5. Hi Cristina! Just discovered your channel tonight. I would like to ask you a question. Let's take this example. If I want to send my pattern to a client how do I save it? Thanks in advance. You are increible!!!

  6. Hi cristina, thanks for the tutorial. Also, since the it needs to be in square shape, how do i transfer my seamless pattern to a different size artboard for printing? Looking forward to your reply, Thanks again!

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