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How to use Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Chia sẻ có ích về thiết kế

42 thoughts on “How to use Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Chia sẻ có ích về thiết kế”

  1. Can you get this free? Or do you have to buy it i haven't seen any download links I did see one but i don't find it trustworthy seems like a virus.

  2. it's so difficult to use I've searched all over youtube and I cant understand anything anyone says I tried for hours to get this and I can't even bloody use it

  3. i wanna make an amv, using sony vegas, but te only problem is that i don't know where to download the animes. i did tried, i downloaded an episode but the video just don't appears when i want to insert it in sony vegas. so i can't work with it on sony vegas, do you know  that is??? and could you help me, or tell me who or what could hgelp me out??? thanks

  4. I worked in Camtasia until now, when I have new camera. That camera have format AVCHD, what Camtasia doesn´t support. So I decided to use Sony Vegas Pro, but it have so different controls than in Camtasia, so I thinked I will rip my hair off. Anyway, thanks for this quick guide.

  5. Sir, this might sound kinda dumb, (I'm novice), but how do you have the video files in the first place? Say I want a clip from a movie; how do I get it and turn it into a small video file to put in the timeline? Please help.
    Thanks so much, and great, informative video, btw!

  6. Why when I need import video it says: File C:FFOutputFormatFactoryMine-imator 2014-07-26 18-46-09-86.avi could not be opened. Please help me. 🙁

  7. For some reason,when i enter my clip,theres no picture and no audio,like the window on the right where it shows the video,its not showing

  8. 2:54, when I right click on the timeline, I can just see "Open", Insert Audio and Insert Video Track…
    What i want is to put a written thing before the video, so, do I just put the video there and edit it or can I do it without putting the video (so I can save this intro as a single file)?

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