How to use Textractor with DeepL translator | Hướng dẫn đơn giản nhất về download quick translator

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  1. The output translation of DeepL isnt copying to my clipboard so it doesnt show on Textractor. Everything is turned on, and have used both Chromium browsers and Firefox.

  2. kyoko senpai, how can i bypass "Access temporarily suspended"?. It's seems that whenever 10-20 word translated it will block user from translating for a while and it can be annoying somehow… is there a way to prevent this?

  3. Hmm, the textractor box that you place over the game is not working for me, shows Japanese even tho the the app shows English
    Edit: works after putting the translator extension in the top of extension list

  4. Watched the Video and still dont understand anything^^ i Mean i dont even have in the DeepTl Webside under that option you see in the video the ones you have. I have no Option to connect it to DeepTL Auto Translation and the like and i did exactly everything as you in the Video :/

  5. Excuse me, it's because I'm Brazilian and I wanted to translate the native language games in English to PT-BR, but the site always changes the options I put to Japanese->English, how do I change that?

  6. I may be screwing up, but when I removed the google translate extension, the text displayed as a bunch of blocks. I dunno if it's because it doesn't detect the locale (I am using/emulating JP locale), but something's wrong. And when I get DeepL to pop up, the text that appears on the box is the Japanese text. Nonetheless, I'm doing exactly what you do.

  7. Can you tell me how to auto copy English tranlated text to Textractor 64bit clipboard? I already add Clipboard Inserter to Chrome but it's still not work. Thank you very much for turorial

  8. So as I found out DeepL and Google now charge based on the usage on the API key which means that using web browser as the way to translate is probably going to be better.
    I do not mind paying for the services since I quite like DeepL alot more than Google, so I was just wondering how much better is the Pro version compared to free?

  9. Hello! Thank you for this amazing vid, but I have this problem:
    It displayed the sentence correctly, then repeat the sentence again right next to it with all the words repeated…
    This kinda screw up DeepL translator as it tries to read the whole line and translated wrong. Do you think you can help with this?

  10. I found a error in your userscript it has 2 function callbacks that prevent the english translation to be pasted into the clipboard. Do you mind fixing this?

  11. Min mau tanya.
    Ini translate deeplnya gmana ya ? Udh ngikutin tutor step by step di mesin textractor nya bhsnya ttp japanese gk ke translate inggris, pdhl di webnya udh ketranslate poisisi udh on semua add on nya di firefox

  12. kyoko senpai, i try it and it works but somehow whenevr the text copied to deepl website its show text "undefined" at first then translated text come after.. i know its working but its slightly annoying whenever i click next text it show "undefined" first then translated text come after

  13. Everything works perfectly except for the Textractor window
    It shows the japanese text and the DeepL browser window translates it
    But the text itself wont get translated in the Textractor Program so i have to look over to my second screen everytime
    Is there a way to fix this? Everything else works perfectly fine
    (Im using the Tools etc from the blog and im running it on chrome)
    EDIT: i installed the clipboard inserter as well but the translated text wont appear in the second Textractor program that should show the clipboard text

  14. I don't know anything about coding but I think there is a problem with it, the second "callback" is marked red, saying that callback is already defined. Does it normally work like that or do I have some mistake?

  15. i did everything right step by step. it worked with chrome but not with firefox. when i close firefox and open again the "T" icon disappears. i did the step 8 again and both extensions were on but just appeared japanese text on textractor, no translation.

  16. I followed everything and done everything correctly until you attach the game in x86 exe. So in Textractor after attaching a game you click the big dropdown to find where the dialog part resides… so what happens is when I got to the particular entry in the dropdown (the one where the dialogue resides). It doesn't show Japanese text anymore… its just boxes like this.



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