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  1. if they only have the ability to toggle tracks, for that to be a problem in the api, they need to not have the ability to query the current state of the track, that is monumentally stupid of adobe if thats the case, to the point where i dont believe it.

  2. I agree 💯 on your general philosophy on how the settings menu should be. We are not children using their “professional” tools.

  3. The hardware seem awesome but the software really holds it back, there are so many products like this, give people the option to configure it in whatever war they want, yes it should be good enough out of the box and a lot of people don't have programing skills or knowledge nor the time to learn it but if you take advantage of those who do the community will make your product ten times better, just give people the power to do it

  4. As a professional editor in the UK, I love to see this kind of in-depth examination of control surfaces. Great to see the Ripple make an appearance too! Taran, do you use a Wacom? I'd definitely recommend getting one, especially if you jump between software. All the best.

  5. Whenever i have the monogram on and plugged in as an extention in PP, it completely brakes PP.
    It crashes when i try to make new tracks, and a lot over other stuff. Any sollution for this ?

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