Is E8 Lattice the True Nature of Reality? Or Theory of Everything? | Thủ thuật hay nhất về e8

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  1. Silly Question – shouldn't there be just 3 undiscovered particles with 8 quantum numbers assigned to them, to make up the 24 missing intersections? After all, that is how the original particles are distinguished…

  2. Reality is a.i. trying to figure itself out . The need to know where we came from, where we are, and where we are going as humans is simply an a.i trying to figure out through our experience where it came from

  3. I would like to thank Arvin for his video and the mention of "quantum gravity reserach" group which try to merge proven physics concepts with unproven concepts of the "New Age" group which rely on the creation myth….

  4. If we're too go back and check it all again.Now with a.i.,and a quantum computers,.instead of using just a plain old analog type/ digital super computer.betting money is on the surfer guys theory and a.i. quantum computing answer to it all .but we won't know until they try and do it.then do it.and then decide to tell us if so..in this reality.as we know the math techs know it as well how the public is lied too…and a E8 lie group is…well a possible lie at first glance…correct. lee…is spelled as ( * ),and lee is not a lie…. might help awaken minds

  5. Really enjoyed your critique of that e8 and clarity on explaining exactly what’s going on. That original video l just watched was a distracting as it took away how our brain naturally process on difficult concepts. Can you also do a video on the double slit experiment? That experiment is super weird. I am still trying to understand whether reality is just a perception or not?

  6. Lol here is the true nature of reality
    Lets say there was more than just this entire universe logically there would have to be something for the universe to be in unless you go with the blackhole family tree theory and if you did you still end up at the same place what was there b4 the oldest universe. So let say there was a creator or an event which created everything there ever has been we still end up with where did God or the event come from or how was it started if there was nothing to begin with. No matter what explanation you come across you still end up with this same question. Let's say we try another approach let's say everything there ever has been has always been here or there then you have the problem because there was no start to anything at this point cause and effect breaks down and we are left with everything didn't come from nothing and it didn't come from something either. So how does everything come from neither nothing or something and how do we prove or justify logically the answer. The answer I believe is quite hard to grasp but here it is. The universe and everything beyond does not exist but the universe and everything beyond does exist there was a beginning but there was no begining, God exists and God does not exist. Reality exists but reality does not exist, we exist but we do not exist. Everything seems to equate to a Paradox however even though a paradox exists a paradox does not exist. So we exist and dont exist in a paradoxical paradox!

  7. It’s so strange because this is exactly what I see on DMT have I don’t remember ever having seen this image before. Maybe I have and just don’t remember. But when the trip starts to hit everything in the room becomes interconnected by this image.

  8. I have no issue with new age mysticism or whether that group mixes proven science with it. Whether pseudo science or not, they are pushing the envelope which I believe is a good direction, if you stay in the center of known science and don't make some unproven assumptions, that is where the limit of knowledge will stay.

  9. alright I think I figured out the other 24 particles. There is an anti proton, anti electron, Anti neutron and anti neutrino. If there’s is an anti for those four subatomic molecules why wouldn’t there be an anti for the other 20. Ok so then that accounts for 20. What are the other 4 particles. It’s a long stretch but I’m guessing we will soon discover a right and left quark along with their anti versions. This would prove e8 if I am correct.

  10. It's not that string theory Can't be proven, or is "unfalsifiable". Rather, string theory Can be proven, just not with our current technology. Similarly, General Relativity contains proofs that could not be experimentally verified at the time, due to a lack of sufficient technology; however, LIGO and VIRGO have proven experimentally that gravitational waves do indeed exist. This is just one example of how theories can be verified once our state of technology has become sufficiently advanced. To put string theory into a class of "untestable and therefore not correct" is not a very scientific approach to reaching the truth.

  11. Phillidelphia experiment.and an eighth order field generation requires what to happen for the negation of time and space.?4 more..12..6 one way and 6 in another and 13th in the center forward and reversed.with 7 in center and 6 on otherside is 13..but 6 one way.and back in the other direction.leaving 7 in center.which is actually 8th because the zero is makes 9..

  12. A single sheet of paper does has 2 sides to it.and why would it. Or just 1. be bound in between 2 book covers to begin with.?its code from him.do you suppose a eighth or ninth field ordering for interplanetary traveling using ancient stargates.because the whole e8 lattice grouping began as what sir.theiry and speculation i think much as it still is until looked at differantly by others.maybe

  13. I guess we should say 3 more particles x 8 quantum numbers, hence 24 particle states. Not 24 particles. And shouldn't it be 4 quantum numbers? Where did 8 come from?

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