Learn English: The difference between THIS and THAT | Thông tin hữu ích this và that

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  1. Teacher, everytime I watch your videos I discover something new and useful to teach my students, no matter how basic the subject is. I am forever grateful. Also, I love your classes, they're so easy to follow.

  2. Hi Teacher, thanks so much for your great lesson. Besides, I have an concern about these pronouns such as this,that & it,
    For ex: When the factory closes, it will mean 500 people losing their jobs. => is "it" can be interchanged by This/That??
    Ex: They are digging up my road. They do this every year.=> Could i use it in this sentence & why i could or couldn't ?
    Many thanks for your kind help in advance. !!

  3. I'm a 20 year old native english speaker born and raised in the united states.
    I realized I didn't know this very clearly while learning a second language.

    From my perspective 'this" is always acceptable.
    "that" is acceptable for almost everything
    "that" can't be used if the object is in your hand
    but can be used if you hold more than one object in your hand

    If I hold only a single pen I can only call it "this pen"
    or i can say "that pen" if im a pissed off evil rich stepfather from a movie that spent $500 on a pen that my stepson just broke
    If I hold a pen and a pencil I can point and ask any of the following: "that or that?", "this or that?", "that or this", "this or this?"

    His explanation is good, but it's not very rigid. As long as you don't use "that" to talk about something relatively close and in the same sentence use "this" to talk about something relatively far away. Even that can be okay if you point clearly.

  4. Thanks James it's a great lesson!! However, I was a little confused about "NOW, it's THAT time to learn something new".
    Why the "NOW" go with "THAT". because I think NOW means "close" not "finished" …….May I just say "this is the time…" ?

  5. Hi, I am from Germany. I have some questions to this and that.
    At school we had a task and we had to fill in this or that in the gaps.

    There was a conversation between to people:
    Rob: What are you looking at in (1)… newspaper?
    Sue : I'm reading these job ads. Listen, this job sounds interesting. It's a job with an organisation that helps people with financial problems.
    Rob: I think that sounds really boring! I've got enough money problems of my own.
    Sue: It says its aim is to give advice to those who have difficulty managing their finances and who get into debt easily.
    Rob: Well, (2)… 's easy to solve. Just throw away your credit card!
    Sue:You think it's (3)… easy, do you? I think a lot of people are having problems
    these days and it's a good idea for them to seek help.
    Rob:I suppose (4)… 's true. The other day, this friend of mine told me he was having trouble paying his rent and asked me for some advice .

    (1) This or that?
    (2) this is easy to solve or that is easy to solve?
    (3) I think that because Sue dislikes Rob's suggestion.
    (4) this is true or that is true?

    Could you help me and explain why I have to use her this or that?

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