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Let's Look At Gold Coins! 🚀🤩 | Thông tin hữu dụng nhất về let’s talk 1

25 thoughts on “Let's Look At Gold Coins! 🚀🤩 | Thông tin hữu dụng nhất về let’s talk 1”

  1. I like them not only beautiful but carrys the lowest premiums best value for gold in my opinion love the buffaloes the Britanas,there all gorgeous🤷‍♂️👍

  2. Just starting my stacking journey, my focus is protecting against inflation. I want to stack silver, but with current premiums I get more precious metal for my dollar when I buy gold. I'll buy a few pieces of silver when I see something I like, but only to own it. Otherwise, to protect my assets, the Maples are the best deal for my fiat dollar.

  3. 9:30 “Team I’m a savage and I just keep everything in a pile” 🤣 Priceless

    Maybe sometime you could help me and all the other savages who watch your channel with a video on inheritance for kids?

    Best wishes

  4. I listen carefully to every word you say in all your videos. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. I wanted to share what I did about the maple leaf tube size. A friend with a 3d printer made a perfectly fitting tube for me. I made it so 16 1oz maple leaf coins fit into a screw cap tube just perfectly, no rattle. 1 pound of mobile gold. Feels good to hold 🙂

  5. Yes, I am having a hard time finding a capsule for the Libertad. But, it may be possible to use the same capsule for the St Gaudens double eagle. Have you considered pre33 gold?

  6. I like your video. For me I'm totally on board with out of the original packaging, being bugged with otherwise fractional differences among coins. People can say it's picky, or crazy, but I'm totally there with you.

  7. I really want a gold Maple, but the price is too high for me at the moment. Shame because my bullion dealer just got some back in stock after months. I'd like a Philharmonic too. I would not take my gold coins out of their capsules though. You are a much braver man than me! 🙂

  8. OMG love your OCDness at Min 3/4 there! I thought I was the only one who needed to have everything have exact outer diameter. And btw – I use the half-silver morgan dollar capsule from JMB for my maples. It’s a perfect fit and has that airtite halo perimeter thing happening which I like a lot.

  9. I hear ya about the dimensions, I am OCD when it come to storage! I would love some consistency across the board, but not gonna happen. Ill just have to adjust and overcome!

  10. Love your channel and watch every video but one thing bugs me: Why do you think the "obverse" of a Canadian Maple is the side with the maple on it?:)

  11. I want to avoid as much as i can the collection temptention, and i am forcing myself to think of the coins as saving units, so, it's gonna be buffalos and buffaloes only 😀

  12. Man, I so wish the 1oz coins were all the same size, too. I own SO many capsule sizes now!!! 🤪

    Plus, I’m a huge fan of the radial lines on the Canadian coins, too. Maybe it’s because I was born in Canada… 🤔 🇨🇦

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