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Let's Talk About Roblox Rogangsters & Slenders. | Thủ thuật hay nhất về let’s talk 1

33 thoughts on “Let's Talk About Roblox Rogangsters & Slenders. | Thủ thuật hay nhất về let’s talk 1”

  1. The point of this video is to talk about how not everyone who dresses a certain way ACTS a certain way. I won't lie when I say I've seen many toxic players dress this way, but really anyone can be toxic. And anyone can be a kind person as well! Some people just wanna dress this way because they like the fashion, and they shouldn't be bullied for that. Everyone should be able to express themselves! I hope the points I made in this video makes sense, let me know your experiences! Have a fantastic day <333

  2. I got bullied badly from slenders and C&P, not insulting but when I see one i kinda like run away or report them if they interact with me (especially when they say Mic Up Kid) so yeah. I hate them. But if they're nice to me..

  3. i dont think that bad their just little kids trying to make friends didn't any one tried to act cool when you meet some one online think about it and i dont really think that those slenders or what ever you called it isint gonna last that long their all just gonna move just like other stuff on roblox

  4. Idc what your style is just don’t be a jerk and we’ll be chill lol. Except for some reason those military folk hate me and tell me to mic up because my style—

  5. Ao i wanted to dress as a cnp or roganster to try the style but then straight up bff said Ew – she hates those people she thinks they bully everyone wich made me sad bc it wasnt a bad style at all so for now i cant wear the cnp style she straight up roasted me 🙁

  6. there's some player's thay toxics to I know everyone could be the toxic…the ro gangster, slender, cnp and emo are toxic…maybe not that bad…kinda toxic to..but they might have a kind one but just the STITCHFACE that STITCHFACE is ruining roblox I wish STITCHFACE is removed

  7. To be honest. They are just fine , I dont really mess with them unless they team or hack.
    I also honestly think that stitch face isnt a bad for for making a voodoo doll costume for halloween or an rp game.

  8. Rogangsters are not good as you think. They send death threats to people who try to go to discord to "mic up" and they proceed to flex his robux. They have no skill so they team and they can't just win single 1v1. I've harrased 130 slenders at total. Made 30 slenders die. Made the rest have suicidal thoughts. I still feel good killing them cause they're a bozo. Don't call me evil for this

  9. some are not that bad and others are just toxic so we cant just easily accuse them for toxicity or stitchface being toxic, we need to let them have a chance

  10. The fact that Copy and Paste is actually Copied from slenders I think slenders were made first also I prefer emo blocky more I don't care about the dress style but about the personality I do care

  11. im sad that the fact i dressed as a taki and stayed mute from chat in mm2. yes its tru even the nicest doge or any cool styles can bully you- I dont wear my taki outfit since its typically for mm2 (no longer my main outfit cuz it affected me) this doge guy rlly got his whole gang and random people from the server just to attack me- imagine when your with friends thats when you feel power but alas being alone your now that one brain cell isolated from the others
    ps i dont troll in mm2 i just like takis cuz i luv spice :C

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