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Let's Talk About The New PS5 | Hướng dẫn hữu ích về let’s talk 1

20 thoughts on “Let's Talk About The New PS5 | Hướng dẫn hữu ích về let’s talk 1”

  1. Austin, I've been watching u for years. I am also a sony fan. I honestly don't understand how an opinion can trigger these people. The internet is full of useless babies do not let them get to you. Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm just a normal person so far away in a country where we don't even have PayPal to purchase stuff online, but I enjoy your videos and your storytelling of a subject.
    All of the support ✌🏼

  3. Great video, I'm so glad you didn't apologize for other people's misunderstandings.
    The original video was an excellent technical teardown and comparison.

  4. Oh lol I thought Sony had some issues with you Austin idk why you made this video, I enjoyed that ps5 comparison video and didn't think anything bad of it and the opinions made seemed pretty legit to me.

  5. Why tear apart a console checking everything if its only a games console? You get back what you put out in the universe. And I had a PS4 for 8 years and that got hot as hell and it never broke. In fact the Series X runs hotter than the PS5! You where looking for controversy and you got it.

  6. If people are complaining over a piece of plastic they need to go outside and touch grass and sorry to hear all the toxic fanboys trashing over facts we love the content you make and don’t let this stop you or your friends enjoy what they love

  7. This sucks so much. It’s disgusting to see how dumb people who are getting screwed over by Sony are acting. Unfortunately when I get my PS5, I’ll be getting the same lesser heat sink. People shouldn’t be scolding Austin, they should be at Sony’s necks.

  8. And here I thought people were just lashing out at him and blaming him for scalpers doubling prices and doubling down on hoarding consoles… This is ridiculous man, no one deserves that.

  9. It's his video his opinions. if you agree with it or not is yours. The deeper impact on the market and the other rippling effects are because the video has meaning to it. because the evidence suggests it. If someone would want to disprove it go ahead disprove Austin's findings that are wrong. I'm sure he'll be the bigger man and accept he is wrong. but until that no amount of negative media coverage/Hate proves anything. Kudos to you Austin having something shipped and making the video so rapidly.

  10. The fact that people think they're in the right to say bad things about you, release private information and more, just because of a video OF A FREAKING CONSOLE makes me mad

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