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Công Nam

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  1. Great video, weed affects every person differently. For myself it causes me to become more productive and want to be around people, rather than some people becoming lazy and withdrawn from social events. As long as you don’t let it control you or run your life around it, it really isn’t a harmful substance

  2. I was addicted. I had to have it and couldn’t imagine life without it. That’s because I was running from the pain that weed helped cover up. But guess what? I developed marijuana induced anxiety disorder and had a nervous breakdown. They told me In Marijuana Anonymous that only 6 percent of weed users become Addicts, and I definitely was one of that 6 percent. It drove me deep into myself and finally after ten months of horrible withdrawal and PTSD flashbacks I have to say for ME weed is evil. It changed my personality and I became intensely angry toward the end of my using. I had to retire 6 months early after 191/2 years on my job, not making it to 20 years and thus losing out on $1,000 dollars per month from my pension had I made it to 20 years. I thought weed was a gift from God and every time I smoked, I thanked God for this wonderful gift. I thought it helped me with my PTSD. But it turned on me. I realized that Satan had deceived me. It almost totally destroyed my sanity. And I finally had to face the pain of my issues without weed. The pain was excruciating!! It felt as though demons had control of my soul. I’m breaking out of the prison weed created in my mind. I lived in a world of my own. I avoided everyone, even my family just to smoke. My husband and daughter were totally neglected. I couldn’t remember anything. I was in 4 motor vehicle accidents, one causing $14,000 worth of damage to my vehicle. I tried three jobs after retiring early and failed at all of them. So for me, weed is evil and Satanic. Just started noticing people commit murders while high. Just something to think about.

  3. If u want to feel the Miracle of Marijuana while smoke it.. Take a deep breath.. Drop your Shoulders.. Unclench your jaw.. and relax for a few seconds.. Than Miracle happens.. 🤩😉😊😇

  4. Eh don't knock it till u try it and remember THC can have different effects on everyone also with anything you have to moderate you're usage because their is a difference between drug use and drug abuse

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