Let's Talk Family – Part 1 | Beth Moore | Chia sẻ hữu ích về let’s talk 1

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  1. A couple of years after losing my mom when I was 29, I was blessed to find myself in your Sunday School class and then the Tuesday Night Bible Studies and since then you have been my virtual surrogate mom. From afar, you have guided me to the feet of Jesus, you have helped mold me into a Godly woman and now a Godly wife. The way you pour your heart and soul into women is so amazing and inspiring, so much so that I can’t help turning around and pouring my heart & soul into younger women 💕 I am so blessed by your nurturing heart and passionate teachings!

  2. Thank U Jesus for Bethany Moore in Ur anointing and activated DNA, RNA BIOLOGICALLY AND MOLECULARLY AND EVERY WAY FROM THE SUPERNATURAL NOT NATURAL BLOOD LINEAGE OF JESUS TIMELESS AGELESS ETERNALLY YOUTHFUL DNA AND RNA and blood in my place and body and all that was is no more in Jesus name forever amen

  3. Wow. Thank you. Bc i come from so much brokennessand I'm now divorced. My kids accepted christ but i feel like I failed them. I loved a long time as a mediocre Christian even thigh God called me to the ministry. But the baggage i had been handed from my family was very very heavy. Im 46 and i think i am just now organizing it finally into compartments where it belongs where i can serve Jesus and he can use me. But He is able to complete the work He started in you!!! Praise Jesus. I looked at couples in church thinking why couldn't i have had that. But i now see God needed me to handle the people He sent me and will send me. And Jesus will complete you. He has to be first. Not anything else. You got to surrender all.

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