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  1. Game engines are basically app frameworks (and eventually include editors), so their size and complexity are similar to operating systems, so definitely no small undertaking. You could take a library approach instead but that would leave a lot of work on the game developer side.

  2. A lot of talking, which can be simplified to one sentence – it's always about money. It's not about "people are not intrested in 3D; 2D is more interesting".
    It's just about not spending too much time for free – that's it; why don't you admit it and being honest with your viewers?
    That's what differs you from e.g Godot developers, doing this for free, completely – of course they have Patreon too (hiring only core-devs, and some part-time contractors) – but they were NEVER pay-walling anything, they give everything for free, and they plan everything in full openess – anyone can comment or propose a change.

  3. I fully support the decision, as I know how difficult it is to create a 3D engine. I am very gratefully for the time and effort you have put in to this so far, looking forward the rest of the episodes to try and finish the 2d side. I enjoy watching your videos. Me personally I prefer the longer streaming videos, like what’s on patroon/twitch. It has been quite a ride so far, I’ve learned so much, hope the series does keep going.

  4. These days, CSS has gotten much simpler (actual CSS, not just CSS -> XSLT adapters, or whatever the GUI is in). Between the Flexbox layout spec, the Grid layout spec, some straightforward in-CSS math on values, runtime swapping of CSS variables, et cetera, it has gotten really straightforward to do a bunch of powerful stuff, declaratively.

    Carmack's team at Oculus basically started using React and CSS for layout, with a pseudo-headless browser (transparent window) overlaid on top of the renderer.

    Not suggesting that's where it needs to go, but that stuff is getting more straightforward to make more elaborate and responsive UIs, simply and declaratively.

  5. Well, I was expecting for you to give up on 3D since its such a vast domain nowadays :). Been there done that. On the 2D front, all those subjects of development are neat on paper (even if its a digital paper), but beware of development hell, it happens. I suggest you also start a 2D game project along side the engine, so you know what you need for that particular game, otherwise you'll keep on adding features, but if that's the purpose of the project I guess you dont need a game with it.
    On the UI and localization I suggest you keep it simple, you wont need super GUI in a 2D game. Localization is a complex system also, especially on non-latin languages. You also would need to localize any asset, like some wall billboard textures or such things.
    I wish you good luck in this new project, the 3D engine is nice but it would be a never ending run to match current techniques, and even with the help from community, is hard to match current and next gen 3D games. The 2D is simpler and has a more finite roadmap, but again I suggest to make a game in parallel with it, it will bound your feature thirst :).
    I will check your videos on 2D, I am also developing a retro 2D game engine for a shmup game. GG

  6. I am very happy with this change because I was more interested in the 2d parts anyway because if I wanted to make 3d games, I would just use unreal or unity, which have advanced far beyond anything I could ever hope to write. But I'm writing my own 2d engine because those that are out there are either childishly simple, or are mixed with a lot of 3d functionality that in the end I don't use a lot of, and it makes the 2d part that I write excessively complicated. so I hope that this series can help me make an engine that I understand, and doesn't contain a lot of the 3d functionality that for me is going to be bloatware. This makes a lot of sense for you too because it would be a nightmare to keep up with modern graphics write it all and make it a tutorial by yourself you would never catch up.

  7. I dont know what to think, on one side I think it would be great for a full tutorial on how to build a modern engine, the people need a good one.
    But at the same time I think the 2d series will be good enough to give people the skills to go further with it. They can then pick up a book, read papers, and look at source code, because they will again have the skills to do that.
    And it will give you the time to create Hazel.

  8. I loved how you said Б! Hahaha)
    Good luck to you with your project! I’m trying to learn rendering myself and writing my own renderers and game engine! Things you talk about help a lot, you point out a lot of things that I wouldn’t have thought of myself and you show me that everything is possible! Thank you and hello from Russia!

  9. Hey Jon (?sp),

    I really like a lot of the short, condensed videos you have here on YouTube that are broken out by topic and go over the concepts and talk about library setup and use and briefly review and demonstrate code that's already been written (or is written in the video in pretty short order). They have incredible value. Monumental value. I've occasionally heard you say single sentences that, if I'd heard them some months or weeks prior, would have saved me 20 to 30 hours of pain and struggle, if not more.

    I work full time and I have a family and I just can't sit on twitter or review tons of really long twitter vods. I don't need an entire game engine, just the parts that are relevant for my project. 3D rendering (I really hope) will eventually be relevant for me, as will importing meshes with normals and materials and so on, rigging, and textures and texture maps, etc., from Blender files or Blender exports. I can get the information elsewhere, in fact I already have to a fair extent, but.. you blaze through stuff like that in literally 1/10th (or more like 1/50th or 1/100th in some cases) of the time it would take me to get the same distance any other way. You pull in a library, show how to set it up and use it successfully, talk about what the biggest goals and issues usually are and how they are commonly dealt with.. in 15 minutes I'm in a place that would have taken me a freaking month to get to on my own (because I have such limited time to work on it).

    Have you thought about putting together Udemy courses or something? I bet you would be a very popular instructor. (In fact I can hardly imagine that you wouldn't.) I know you don't want to be "an academic" but you're such a natural teacher! Truly talented teachers are really rare. And it wouldn't need to take that much of your time. A Udemy course (or any online instruction site course) probably wouldn't be very hard for you to put together, and it could potentially fund quite a lot of game development for you. I know I would happily purchase a video course lead by you on 3D rendering in C++ if it talked about importing from Blender and such. Your YouTube series on OpenGL in C++ could Be a Udemy course, easily. Just that series by itself. A $20 to $35 Udemy course. Say you ended up with.. 10,000 or 20,000 purchasers, eventually. That's not enough money to motivate the effort? Even if you only got 500 or 1,000 it's still a lot more than you're making on YouTube? And it's practically the same level of effort. 10 to 100 times the money for approximately the same level of effort, I would think. It wouldn't be a very hard decision for me! Just sayin'.

    Your decision to limit the scope of what you're doing here on YouTube certainly makes sense in light of the probably very small amount of money you make from them. Sad for us, but understandable. It's quadruply sad for us since the twitter vods are probably not really a viable alternative for most of us. They're just too long. These condensed, topical videos have such a high value to compensation ratio that they almost have no business existing. It's seriously like you've practically donated a half million dollars or more to charity. That's fine if you're a billionaire, but. Not that we don't appreciate it!

    I really hope you consider creating commercial courses. I know you'd be a star. It could be a small side thing for you and provide a lot of good funding for what you really want to do.



  10. Hi! I have a question: Do you plan on porting it to mobile. I mean the whole engine/editor. This will help the people using their phones as pc with samsung dex for example. What do you think. If you can and have the time, and you want to, pls make it! ☺️

  11. Dude, it's an incredible video. Not only for your purpose but even for someone working on game programming using different game engines from start to finish, a very informative planning effort has emerged. Thanks so much for sharing. I think the idea of narrowing down the concept under the name of Hazel 2D is a very healthy and grounded decision. I look forward to the next works. Much Love.

  12. Im currently going through the playlist now and im about 30 videos in. I was going to comment some time before that, but i genuinely believe that the playlist is insanely useful and unique for teaching people things like abstraction and structure, something that is insanely hard to actually do and something 90% of people wouldnt know what to have search terms for. By the time they reach this point its as you say in one of your vulkan videos, "if you got to this point you have everything you need to be able to follow along". I would go so far as to say that this sort of development is a rite of passage for anyone who doesnt just copy and paste code verbatim and tries to actually understand the underlying principles.

    In other words keep doing what you are doing and I believe that, no matter if it is 2D or 3D, I will be able to learn just as much from you at the end of this playlist as i am now.

  13. For the people that don't have access to normal bank accounts, credit cards, etc…, please accept crypto for donations, Hazel-dev supports, etc…

    I really want to do it but I can't. I live in a banned country… Crypto is also faster and more efficient IMO.


  14. "Im an engeneer making art" – Cherno 2021. Well you are god damn right :). Im studying Informatics with main emphasis in Computer Graphics and Image Processing and I always struggle explaining people why making a game engine or using image processing to extract data from images is not the same as just "making games". Anyway when working with image synthesis or image processing it often feels like making art even if I just develope the tools for artists. Thank you for this great content I love the condensed tutorial style of the bloom video u just published I'd love to see more topocs packed like this.

  15. Really appreciate this vid, will be greatly helpful as I learn to programme my own game engine, specifically I'm gonna start with re-implementing the Dragon Quest Builder 2 engine since that seems like a good starting point – also allows me to port the game to linux :D, but yeah I started with memory optimization as everything is built around the memory system anyways, including the file handlers I'm building in and even the image handlers, took me long enough to get decompressing zlib right (not using official library for both it and PNGs).

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