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  1. I've been using the second gen (I think) Gram 17 for software development for years now, and I think it's the perfect laptop for developers. Work offered to buy me a new laptop, so naturally I went to look up what the current 2021 Gram 17 models look like. I was disappointed to see that all of the memory is soldered on now and that 16gb is the max you can have. What a bummer. I have 40gb in my current Gram 17 and as of right now, my memory usage is at 17gb, so that 16gb is gonna be a major downgrade for me. I had them order me the 2020 model instead which apparently still lets you upgrade the memory. G*d dammit, LG. You had a great thing going with the Gram 17. Hopefully they'll have a 32gb option for 2022.

  2. I've always enjoyed your content and actually bought a 2021 LG Gram based on this video. In future reviews though I'd suggest spending a bit of time on what it's like to use a laptop while connected to external devices. I get that for such a light machine that might not be the primary use case here, but I found out the hard way about using this as a desktop replacement. The Intel Gen 11 platform has widespread glitches with Bluetooth connectivity and while the Gram can technically drive a 4K screen at 120hz, it has problems with flickering. It's awesome purely as a laptop but as a desktop replacement, it definitely needs some of these issues to be ironed out.

  3. I think i figured out why the keyboards feel different. I went to costco and tried a couple out. Keyboards feel different based on what's underneath and there is more empty space the bigger the lg gram is, so even if the keyboard material is the same the stuff underneath technically isn't cause of the air

  4. This is how ultrabook should be. it is Right choice to reduce the weight compared to thickness that it compromised soo heavily on ports that ruining user experience by making the user to rely on bulky and clunky dongles

  5. Nice that you showed the MBs on the comparative. About the extra space… do not be wrong… it is needed for cooling purpose. In my opinion… you made a point on the power of those models, and very realistic battery life cycle. Not for gaming is the computer, so about Speakers… no too much sense… to improve it, you could plug your favourite headphones. For the last not the less important point… memory upgrade… BIG MISTAKE!!!! Not upgradable! Big big mistake from LG. Another weak point… trying to implement last technologies (like CPUs, Mermory models and NVMe systems… create a weak performance due to all those "new" systems create a lot of heat and as soon as the temperature rises the performance goes out for holidays. In general, your analysis is short and a little weak but by far one of the best that I have watched. Thanks

  6. My old LG Gram 17 inch (8th gen i7 that I purchased from local big "C" warehouse for $1100) has Thunderbolt port that you can charge via USB-C power. Didn't come with USB C charger, but I picked one up from A**zon for around $20. I carry mine everywhere. I can even hold it up lying down, like reading a book, which is impossible with my Omen gaming 17inch laptop which weighs over 7 lbs. Now with 15inch coming with Geforce 1650 ti, I could buy second one for working on my video editing….

  7. Is this good for me as a graphic designing? I usually use adobe photoshop, illustrator, final cut pro, etc. So I use softwares simultaneously as well most of the time. I use chrome as well and a lot of tabs sometimes when building a website. I really appreciate it.

  8. Hello Dave. Can you please tell me on which version it has a numeric keypad? it is more useful for me… Thank you for this video, very well done! :-)

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