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Open and Create Illustrator (.AI) Files in Inkscape | Thông tin hay nhất về thiết kế

29 thoughts on “Open and Create Illustrator (.AI) Files in Inkscape | Thông tin hay nhất về thiết kế”

  1. Hey fellas, there is an easy way to get your inkscape file to work in illustrator, this is something I recently tried out and the thing works. It's pretty easy, create the vector in inkscape, copy the vector from inkscape and paste it in the illustrator. This will take all your works from inkscape to illustrator from where you can make edits and use it for priny by converting to CMYK…hope this helps…I like inkscape so I use inkscape to create vector, I use illustrator just to convert to CMYK.

  2. I just purchased a design bundle of .AI files, but I am not able to open any in Inkscape after changing the extension to .pdf. How can I tell if I have an older AI file that needs Ghostscript installed? Should I just go ahead and install Ghostscript since it is not working otherwise?

    I'm noticing that my files have saved as a PDF, but when I open them up in Inkscape, they show as a blank file, and the file name in Inkscape says, "FILE_NAME-pdf.psd". It is showing as psd in Inkscape.

  3. Hey this is a very useful video! Thank you for sharing those tips. I have a question. If I trace an image utilizing the trace bitmap then save it as .pdf then rename it as .ai, as you have described, will the illustrator be able to open it? Thanks 😎.

  4. when importing an ai file (to convert to svg) I get a dialog with all these different options that i dont understand what they are. Some are selected my default, some not. Any idea what to check or uncheck there in order to correctly import the ai file, so I that there won't be a problem with the exported svg file later? Or doesn't it matter??

  5. Has this solution stopped working? I follow the simple instructions but I get the Inkscape error that says… "Failed to load the requested file C:…" This is for an adobe stock .ai file. Not sure if there is a difference between a stock photo and other ai files.

  6. Thank you! My clients always ask for AI files too. Sometimes they don't grasp that AI is essentially the same as SVG. But now I just send both without needing to explain any additional stuff 😀

  7. I got problem, when the object have gradient color, Illustrator showing dialog box that "the document contains pdf object…" although I have changed the extension to ai. The file still editable but every object become clip group/clipping path, not like when the object have no gradient color. Can you help me?.Sorry my english is not good.

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