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Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition! | Kinh nghiệm hữu dụng nhất về let’s talk 1

23 thoughts on “Samsung Z Fold 3 Review: Let's Talk Ambition! | Kinh nghiệm hữu dụng nhất về let’s talk 1”

  1. Not a fan of Samsung phones, but I do like this form factor, and I'm glad they're improving. Hoping the rumored Pixel Passport/Fold will follow this format and make it even better.

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  3. I would have bought it no biggy, if only it had the high mega pixel camera of s21 ultra. Man they should just introduce one and call it fold 3 plus or something

  4. I use my front screen for 90% of my usage. I only I unfold it when I'm chilling at night or showing something. The top reach issue can be fixed by swiping down on the home button, reducing the size of the screen in case you need to reach the top. Microsoft swiftkey keyboard is a god send for typing on the front screen, fixes the typo issue right away!

  5. I think we all need to give a huge thumbs up 👍 to Samsung on these fold devices. Forget the fanatics. They've really put in a lot of work to achieve this foldable tech. Look beyond smartphones and see the potentials of this.

    Samsung R&D should be commended in all honesty.

    My thoughts.


  6. I don't think I can ever buy a foldable phone until

    The crease is invisible completely

    Folding and unfolding was unlimited without any damage to the screen

    If it became water and dust resistant instead of just water

    If the under display camera became as good as a normal camera

    If the cover display was exactly the same usability as an actual phone so not too narrow

    More slimmer and easier to hold

    No camera bump

    Much better battery

    I cannot buy a foldable phone until it addresses everything I've said and it won't. Not for another 2/3 years at least

    I want the flip to be a little wider, full squared cover screen instead of the small block and much better battery. The flip definitely is a better buy but there's work to do on that phone too. Especially the cover, the size and battery. I think that phone needs that classic 10 times optical zoom

    I hope the optical zoom improves even further on s22 ultra. I want them to make a smaller ultra phone with same capabilities

    I think the note should come out the same time as the s phones instead of waiting till next August for the note 22. Releasing note and s at the same time will be a game changer for me

  7. Regarding the battery(which is 100mAh lower than that of the fold 2's 4500mAh) I think that the new eco² amoled display which will take it 25% easier on the said battery (claimed) will at least have some +ve effect to make up for the high refresh larger display (from the fold2's cover display)🤷🏻‍♂️ ldk,..,..but I'm hoping that you'll make a detailed video regarding the said subject. Respect✊🏼@ team MKBHD

  8. I love how Samsung is getting better with the folding functionality, with every iteration it it’s even more tempting to pay the premium for that fold out tablet screen experience. 

    Android OS in general is lagging when it comes to third party tablet support, mostly because third party apps are optimized for phones only with tablet support as an occasional afterthought. 

    The only reason to get a an Android OS tablet is if you are entrenched into the google play ecosystem, and you need the bigger screen for media consumption Samsung throws in some extras like DEX but the iPad OS is way ahead of the game, not perfect but definitely ahead.

    Most Google play apps are not really optimized for anything bigger than a phone screen, but since they are designed strictly for touch they carry over to the tablet well enough. I do like the newer optional Lab optimizations in Android for the portrait mode locked apps like instagram and the addition of the sPen is clutch, even though there no way to stow it on the device it will make exclusive galaxy note users think twice about getting one. 

    I’m primarily an Apple iPhone / iPad user, but I really do appreciate how Samsung keeps advancing the state of the art and boldly puts newer product categories “into the fold”.

  9. 9:08 "…on a screen not even an inch bigger than the Note 20 Ultra."

    In terms of diagonal length? That's not how you're supposed to measure how "big" a screen is, especially for comparing screens with different aspect ratios.

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