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Teaching in Vietnam |Tips for Non-Natives | DRWilson | Hướng dẫn có ích về ila tuyển dụng

39 thoughts on “Teaching in Vietnam |Tips for Non-Natives | DRWilson | Hướng dẫn có ích về ila tuyển dụng”

  1. Good evening, please I am a first class holder from university of education , Winneba. 1st class in BEd Biology Education, and I want to get job in Vietnam. Respectfully let me know what I should do.
    Thank you

  2. Yh David, please I'm a trained teacher in Ghana and currently doing my Sandwich top up at U.C.C pursuing English language. I plan applying for Masters once my first degree cert is in. To my main question, is it possible to apply for a teaching job in Vietnam with the first degree or you advise I get my Master's first.

  3. Hi, this was very helpful. I'm doing my degree in education, combination of mathematics and physics.
    I'm supposed to graduate next year if all goes well. Would you mind detailing me the necessary requirements for my entry there as a teacher.

  4. I'm a non-native English speaker from Nigeria and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education (Industrial Technical Education). I want to do a 120-hour TEFL course online. Do I stand a chance of getting a job and a teaching permit/license in Vietnam?

  5. What document did they send you for your visa? I taught English in China for about 6 years. Im in Ghana now but planning to go to Vietnam, can you link up? I'd need your help

  6. Bro,Good morning,
    I'm from Algeria, and I've got a bachelor degree in English literature and civilization + 1 year master .
    I'd like to ask if I will have an opportunity to teach English in Vietnam or not? Since English is not my native language.
    What do you think?

  7. Hi, i'm asking if you can tell us more about the demo lesson weither for an english teacher or for any other material. How you did it and if you have some advices for it . Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi thank you ,please can you help me l hold bachelor's degree and associate degree from UK too,l need visa to come Vietnam please help me get visa

  9. Hey! I’m for india and I’m really looking forward to teach in Vietnam as soon as the lockdown ends. I have Completed my bachelors Degree in science. But I’m quite afraid being a nonnative English speaker as What all opportunities are available for me there as some says it’s quite difficult for us to get hired there. Sir plz help me and provide me relevant information regarding this.

  10. Hey bro, congratulations on your success. I am an Indian a non native speaker completed my UG in Engineering but I would like to work as a English teacher. So can you please help me get a job in there and how can I contact you?

    Thanks in advance 🙏

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