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The Notebook | Quest for the Worst Movie | Chia sẻ có ích về phim the notebook

39 thoughts on “The Notebook | Quest for the Worst Movie | Chia sẻ có ích về phim the notebook”

  1. I tried to watch this movie for the first time fifteen minutes ago, then gave up and came here and watched this instead haha. This is 1000x worse than I heard. Wow okay. Great video though!

  2. I tried to like this movie because I like this actress, but its unbearable. I had to stop watching it when they involved the street and traffic. I hate she was cast for it. I wish she had rejected this role. I'm so upset.

  3. Lady you are spot on. This has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And this justifies the criticism that romantic movies are manipulative and lack substance. The biggest problem with this movie is that it tries to glorify every single character and come up with a justification for their motives. And it fails so miserably. And I was really hoping against hope that it would spare us the agony and pain of watching two old people die in the end for no reason. But here too the film is merciless.
    I am not even going into the the whole moral dilemma but this movie is just poorly made. And acted. You know in the beginning it seemed it would be interesting but then it just becomes incredible. There is an utter lack of chemistry between the leads. And the movie chooses the most easiest of paths to create a plot twists or drama which is so unconvincing. And then leads to a climax which is just seems too ordinary if not outright ridiculous. What was the fuss about then ? And then the end that add salts to our wounds. Its just a bad, bad, movie. I mean if you do not have resources and ended making a bad movie its acceptable. if you have resources and choose a difficult subject and end up making a bad movie its acceptable. but when you have an easy subject and the resources and make a bad movie its Superbad.
    I think everybody involved in making the movie will look back at it with embarrassment and disappointment. The only redeeming factor is the production and costume design that manages to capture the period look. Anything else is just poor.

  4. So glad i love the notebook ☺
    Most people dont even notice how sad and beautiful the ending is
    When you see the photos of them both over the years, and realise the allie and noah you have seen throughout the movie isnt really who they were

    It was the people allie conjured up in her head while noah read her the book because she didn't know it was them
    Allie and noah are just actor's playing the roles of allie and noah

  5. my theory is that because she wrote the story during the early stages of dementia it's not totally factual but her idealized version of events. I imagine most events didn't actually happen as she remembered, she romanticized them or even made parts up.

  6. I love pretty much every single Nicholas sparks movie I’m a hopeless romantic and don’t need realistic standards thrown in to a fake love story – it’s just supposed to be a romantic love story 🧡

  7. Well Its a classic Movie something that is missing in today's movies and society TODAY
    doesn't get and won't get it .
    Wow smh please tell me what is a better romantic movie what twilight movies ?? smh …..
    . so I guess today's standard of romance is tinder ir or any social media way OF doing things
    Anyone under 21 would nt understand or appreciate this Movie … Hmmm. INSTANT Grafication :
    TIC TOC instantgram, fb, or texting with no Real one on one emotional connection ghosting catfish break ups and or robotic zombie like romance via social media is the way to be smh No Thanks ill take a
    a heart full soul searching old fashioned letter from the heart hand crafted showing True really Human emotions. Old fashioned Love.
    Have you Ever been truelly in love ???

  8. This movie tried too hard to beat the Titanic, I'm all for Rich Girl/Poor Boy relationship movies like Titanic, Lady and The Tamp, Aladdin, and Anastasia. The Notebook was just bad.

  9. People who have read the book know what a shitshow this movie is.There are lot of things in this movie that the real Noah or Allie would not do (I mean the book version). For example Noah asking Allie for a dance, he would never want to convince her like that, the real Noah was shy and intimate. There were many other things that will take a lifetime to pinpoint. This is my personal opinion, so I would appreciate it if u respected it as I respect yours.

  10. as a straight male who saw this for the first time I'm extremely surprised i enjoyed this film more than a chick. Damn I need REAL love in my life 🙁

  11. this is a funny story, well kinda funny. When this movie 1st came out…. my Mom was so excited and wanted to show it to me. She told be before…. this is the best movie ever. Well, I found it boring…. and was not the best movie ever. =) I didn't have the heart to tell this to me Mom until 5 years later.

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