Home » The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened. | Thông tin về d01 | Hay Nhất

The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened. | Thông tin về d01 | Hay Nhất

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Xem những Tin Hay về d01 với The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened. Chính Xác Nhất

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The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened. và các hình ảnh liên quan đến đề tài này.

The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened.

d01 và các Bảng Tin liên quan từ khoá.

Sau video của tôi, Tronxy đã thực hiện hành động cập nhật chương trình cơ sở cho TẤT CẢ Máy in 3D của họ để kích hoạt tính năng Bảo vệ Chạy trốn Nhiệt. Trong video này, tôi sẽ mô tả cách cập nhật máy của bạn lên chương trình cơ sở an toàn hơn, cũng như một số thông tin khác về Máy in 3D Tronxy D01 đã bị loại khỏi bài đánh giá. Video đánh giá ban đầu đã phát hiện ra vấn đề – Nơi tìm tệp cấu hình / phần sụn Tronxy được cập nhật – Liên kết mua Tronxy D01: Amazon – Muse của nhà sản xuất hỗ trợ trên Patreon 50 Mẹo và Thủ thuật in 3D – Cơ bản về in 3D -.

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The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened..


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23 thoughts on “The Tronxy D01 has been UPDATED! Here's what happened. | Thông tin về d01 | Hay Nhất”

  1. Thanks for your honest review, TRONXY will put the safety of all customers first . At the same time, we welcome customer's comments and suggestions on our products and services, We will take actions quickly according to your suggestions to constantly improve our products quality and continue to develop better products to give back to everyone.

  2. That the switches beep when you bump the 3D printer should mean they are very precise. If the deformation from bumping it is enough to trigger the switch it's really at it's precise limit.
    PS: My guess is the enclosure also adds stability to it.

  3. Yes it could be nice that other companies also started listening to their customers, have just had a Creality CR-10S Pro V2 full of flaws and shortcomings, but do something about it they will not it's just about selling something so bad be with people can not print, after 2 months it still does not run and never comes to it, so when you buy the China machines you only have to buy if you can afford to middle your money, and it amazes me that in youtuber get free printer and do not investigate the services that are if something is wrong, the various providers say well enough there are guarantees, etc. but keep it, do not they?

  4. I loved this printer when I first got it. The frame is solid and the enclosure makes it feel pro. The stringing is terrible and makes it very difficult to print PETG. I solved that with a 3d printed direct drive conversion (calibrating the steps took some research). My other complaint is much harder to solve. The build plate support is too thin. It flexes, is difficult to level, and shakes with any vibrations around, like someone walking. That's what caused poor quality of my prints. I replaced the sloppy Z leadscrew nut for a delrin and going to make a custom plate from aluminum.

  5. First of all Thank You for your Honest Review! Many times my friends and myself question all these reviews online when a printer is given freely for review. We see a printer basically easy to assemble and printing with little or no issues, and once we decide to get one and receive it, it seems that this came from a totally different production line where all rejected parts were thrown into a bin for newbies to assemble and learn. So when we see a review like this we learn more and trust the review.
    Now I would like to mention that I look at reviewed not just to consider buying a printer but also to learn what to look into when modding or making one. I have not yet finished one but it is a work in progress. I do not know if you have issued any videos on TRP and Min Temp testing but I think it is a good thing to have for the 3D printing community. Again if it is out there, I have failed in my search 🙂
    It does not surprise me that some might think your first video was over reacting, but honestly I prefer to error on the conservative side. My family lives in the house where I place my printers and my hobby should NEVER place them at risk. Be it possible fire, or fumes… safety is important. Tronxy was smart in listening to you… but not too much when it had to be escalated higher up. Why did this happen? Honestly as long it is found like you indicated, and corrected… the important thing is to make sure this is tested moving forward and that it does not occur again.
    This might be my first time writing so much… and might be the last 🙂 But I had to chime in because safety HAS TO BE part of the design specification of any printer. Thanks again !!!!

  6. Hi Angus, I bought one this machines since I really liked the mechanical design. I have a number of issues and like to ask you specifically: Which slicer software did you use?
    I am used to Cura (from my Creality CR10-s) but they do not provide any TronXY profiles whatsoever. My custom defined printer profile produces inconsistent print quality, especially when printing PLA over 60mm/s
    The provided TronXY slicer seems to be based on Cura but lacks several recent features like Acceleration or Jerk Control; plus the GUI in Windows sucks.

    Moreover I failed to find any user out there that actually really owns a D01 so far… not even in the facebook tronxy support group.

  7. Are you sure all their printers had this problem and they were all updated? I ask because when I looked at the available software/firmware available on their site, two of these printers had date stamps from April 2019.

  8. I used to work for a biomedical company writing software that used low-level sensors. Depending on the part of the world you live in and the time of year (Canada and winter springs to mind) and where the device is stored (basement?) -15 degrees may well be a valid ambient temperature for the device. I learnt the hard way that making assumptions like this can get you into trouble 🙂

  9. Kudos to @Tronxy 3D Printer for responding quickly. They have some of the most interesting designs out there. They seem willing to correct their approach and seem to have the best spirit in doing so. Thank you for the review, I still plan on purchasing this model despite the mentioned difficulties. I think it will work well for me.

  10. Under no circumstances will I trust the Tronxy brand after they tried to censor the safety issues you raised. Even if the end result was an updated firmware, that's a wild ride that I don't want to be taken on. Good on you for your integrity.

  11. FWIW, OctoPrint always warns me that my Tronxy X1 has TRP disabled, but Tronxy doesn't have any firmware available on their site for it still. Maybe they figure it can't get hot enough to cause a problem since it runs off that small laptop power brick?

  12. r서미스트 고장이 전체 제품에 대한 불신으로 이어진 제품이네요.
    제수도 없네요. sappaire pro 와 비교중인데, 이 리뷰때문에 망설여 집니다. ㅎㅎㅎ

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