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Titanfall 2 | Let's Talk: Northstar | Thông tin hay nhất về let’s talk 1

34 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 | Let's Talk: Northstar | Thông tin hay nhất về let’s talk 1”

  1. Only Northstar mains know the absolute feeling of pure pride and joy when you tether trap another Titan and blow up in there face. Similarly, we also know the pure pain and defeat that fills your soul when on the receiving end.

  2. I actually really enjoy Northstar and I do main him his flight is good but only with vipers thruster if your smart you can you that I can't say how many titans I've confused by flying over there heads shooting a cluster missle and tether trap and with the extra speed making some space between me and him then I find a long way which is what I call a wall with a straight shot to the titan and being your usual Northstar main

  3. Out of the 136 passengers only 133 survive the crash. One was a little handicapped boy, a little girl that had trouble getting her seatbelt off, and a woman that went back into the plane to try and save them.

  4. Honestly Northstar should have this:

    Her tether traps should have an electric shock proc that stuns and DoT the titans (sort of like how Arc grenades stun)

    Her plasma railgun SHOULD have splash damage, ESPECIALLY FULLY CHARGED SHOTS. I don't understand how tf TONE has splash damage despite not having a charge up mechanic

    Her flight core should spam rockets at the levels of tone

    Honestly Idek how tf tone gets better defensive and offensive shit than North Northstar given her low health as a Stryder titan compared to an atlas class titan

    I main Northstar now but honestly speaking I wish her tether traps has a bit better utility. Compared to other titan abilites

  5. Messing with a Scorch as Northstar is the best because all they can really do is shoot at you. All their skills become obsolete, unless it’s flight core, because…well…flame shield

  6. Nerf tone, buff Northstar.
    I propose that you take tones shield away, and give it to Northstar.
    That also includes taking Northstars tether traps and giving them to tone.
    Now this would make more sense because tones need you to stay put for tracks, and Northstars need you to not shoot at them.

  7. I love northstar shes easily my favourite titan and has the best design dont even @ me but shes so underpowered and gets put in the mud by other titans

  8. I don't think Northstar is as bad as everyone makes her out to be you mainly have to get good at kiting other titans and learning how to snipe someone without ever being seen. Even her core isn't as bad as it seems because I mainly use it as a sort of execute when other titans are kinda low and in cover or trying to run. My only real problem is her flight ability. If it had a shield or toggle it would be OK but it doesn't so its kinda pointless as it is now.

  9. The hover ability I think it's meant to hover over buildings to get a good view of sniping and the tether traps if a titan comes in close you trap them give them a cluster missle and run away to another sniping spot and idk if the flight core rockets are guided or not but if they are guided rockets the rockets would reach to a far distance Northstar is good for people who like to keep their enemys At a distance

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