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What is an apostille? | Kiến thức có ích về apostille là gì

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  1. The need for an Apostille is certainly valid. However, the pre facto requirement the document ALSO be notarised is an astoundingly ridiculous rort for cash by the legal fraternity. The agencies approving Apostilles are perfectly capable of assessing the validity of identity of the person signing the document – often better than a notary. They're often offices of foreign affairs who keep registries of PASSPORTS. So, shouldn't you be able to present your passport to them, which literally has your SIGNATURE IN IT and prove your identity AND signature.
    Literally, and I mean LITERALLY ALL a Notary does is look at your drivers license, write down the details in a book, stamp and charge you $160 AUSD for the privilege(!) Seriously this takes FAR less than 2-3 minutes ALL UP. And that just gets you in the door for an Apostille, which can be another $300-450 AUD.

  2. I'm an American whom has a daughter in Russia. I'm attempting to get added on to her birth certificate and her Mother sent me STATEMENT OF ESTABLISHMENT OF PATERNITY. Do I need to get that document Apostilled in the U.S. or should it have been Apostilled in Russia? Also would a Notory be able to notorize a foreign document? Any help would be highly appreciated. Nice video by the way.

  3. What's the difference between an Apostille/Certified Notary and a Notary Public with a commission number? I'm not sure if I need to obtain an Apostille in NJ.

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